Wings of Mackinac

Jul/21/2011 4 Malia Lane
Mackinac Island, Michigan

Wings of Mackinac is a stop I’m glad I made while on the Mackinac Island Carriage Tour.

How could I pass up such a charming entrance and welcoming turtle?

And it is like entering a miniature magical world filled with fairies, flowers and flittering friends – meet some below…

Being so close to these gentle creatures of all kinds of vibrant colors flying all around you is an experience not to be missed!

Sandy & Ken and I liked how you could sit on the benches and soak it all in.  The tranquility of the lush greenery and flowering plants make this a nice oasis on the Island.

They caution you not to touch or try to pick up the butterflies because they normally only live 3-10 days anyway and each touch shortens their lifespan because it removes some of the powder on their wings which helps them to fly.  But it’s up to them if they want to light on you, and while one landed on my arm and tickled me pink, they seemed to prefer hats.

You’re also told to check for “hitchhikers” when you’re leaving so that you don’t carry any out with you by mistake.  Great little fantasy-like stop on this most magical of islands!