Feb/15/2016 8 Malia Lane
Arizona, Solo RVing

February 14, 2016 – I came to Needles, CA for the dry, warm weather after the constant gloomy grey skies and rain in my beloved Oregon.  I chose Needles Marina RV Park as my home for a couple of weeks at the recommendation of a friend who was staying here.  Cheryl is another solo woman […]

Dec/9/2015 0 Malia Lane
Fulltime RVing

Dec. 8, 2015:  It’s funny how sometimes a simple single event can drop you down a rabbit hole of memories and revelations that take you places you wouldn’t have imagined at the outset. When I began researching the idea of fulltime RVing way back in 2001, one of the first things I heard about was […]

Nov/23/2015 3 Malia Lane

This picture is from a card I just came across that my mama gave me in 2001 when I was getting ready to take off for the fulltime RVing lifestyle.  It’s hard to believe that was 14 years ago. And in some ways it’s hard to believe it’s been a year today since my mama […]

Aug/24/2015 0 Malia Lane
National Parks

August 11, 2015: I’ve been staying in Columbia Falls near Glacier National Park since August 6 and conditions sometimes change day to day due to the smoke from the wildfires all over Montana, as well as drifting smoke from more raging wildfires in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. On this day, I had been shopping in […]

Aug/1/2015 0 Malia Lane
RV Repairs, Yellowstone National Park

July 23, 2015:  After my RV windshield was shattered on July 14 (see RV Windshield Woes), I was glad I could still get out in my car to explore while waiting for that windshield to be replaced. Little did I know before that could even be done, I would be batting two for two and […]

Jul/21/2015 0 Malia Lane
National Parks

This page is all about my plans for August, 2015 exploring Glacier National Park, camping in my motorhome. I’ll be adding to it as I gather info below, so please feel free to chime in with comments and suggestions! On the way back from Alaska, my mom and I came through Glacier National Park in […]

Jul/19/2015 8 Malia Lane
RV Repairs

July 15, 2015 – Shocking intrusion into my motorhome! (Offending lug nut seen on dash.) In my last post, I told about my one night stay at Rainbow Point Forest Service Campground, having been referred there by an uninformed camp host at Baker’s Hole. I decided I would stop by Baker’s Hole on my way […]

Jul/18/2015 0 Malia Lane
Yellowstone National Park

On Sunday, I posted this picture on Facebook of the line waiting to get into the west entrance of Yellowstone.  I used it as a reason that this would be my last visit here.  I admit it was silly to try to go into one of the most popular national parks – on a weekend […]

June 10-15, 2015:  The mountains on the way always make me smile, but once I got to Denver, smiling was not as easy. I planned a week in Denver for this part of the trip to Yellowstone, mainly because I had repairs to get made to Kismet (my motorhome).  That included a stop at Competition […]

Jun/9/2015 3 Malia Lane
State Parks, Yellowstone National Park

I’m so happy that I’m on the road again with Yellowstone as my main destination this time instead of just passing through like I did in 2003 on my way back from Alaska.  My mom was with me and we only had three days before we had to get back to Austin then.  I’ve wanted […]

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