My Love Affair with MI

Jun/10/2011 7 Malia Lane

OK, I know it’s much too soon to be using the “L” word since I’ve only actually been in Michigan less than 2 weeks now, but at this point I just can’t help gushing like a moonstruck teenager!

So, first off, I arrived just in time for the Department of Natural Resources’ big summer kickoff at Holly Recreation Area.  I wrote about that in my previous blog post.  I stayed at the McGinnis Lake Campground right down the road from Heron Beach and it turned out to be the perfect spot for me this last week for a number of reasons.  Not only was the campground great, the people nice and welcoming, I also met one of my fellow campers who is a retired Ford engineer and we talked about the towing issues I’ve experienced and he’s going to try to get me the interview with an engineer I tried to get when I was going through all that mess.  Even though the problem hasn’t recurred for me again yet, I still would love to interview someone in-the-know at Ford about these issues since so many of my fellow RVers are still dealing with this.  So I considered that a fortunate meeting – plus he gave me great tips about Michigan sightseeing!

But I didn’t necessarily feel all these positive vibes when I first arrived.  After I first got hooked up, I discovered my refrigerator wasn’t working.  I tried the limited number of trouble shooting tricks I knew of, but then called Norcold to see if they had anything else to try, but the only help they could offer was the name of the nearest certified Norcold technician.  Since by that time it was after 5:00, I had visions of my freshly stocked frozen food defrosting before I could get anyone out here, or have to unhook and bring it in who-knows-where.  So before I went into my usual complete panic mode, I looked up to heaven and said, “OK, God, how are you going to work this one out so that it comes out to my best advantage?” 

So I called Ed, the guy Norcold recommended, and much to my surprise, he said he’d come right over.  Turned out it was a part gone wrong from the last recall work done, so even though I had to wait a couple of days for the part to arrive, Ed was able to reconfigure it so that it worked in the meantime.  I was impressed enough with that, but he wound up being able to fix my “possessed” automatic stairs that had finally quit working for good this time.  I liked Ed and his attitude so much, I wrote a page about his company, Hitch-It-Rite, on the website.  Now that was a situation that most certainly did work out to my highest good in ways I never could have foreseen.

While I was waiting for everything to be fixed, I had time to explore the cute little historic town of Holly and catch up on my virtual assistant work to keep up with gas bills.

Also during my time here, I was finally able to meet a woman who’s been reading my website for quite a while.  From our email communications, I knew we had a lot in common, but it was really fun to meet and confirm that in person.  We met at the big Outdoor World about halfway between us, walked around the mall, talked and giggled like old high school friends, and then had lunch together. I just love days like that!

And I’m hearing more and more from other Michigan folks with tips about what not to miss, their favorite state parks, places to see and eat and everything else I’d ever need to know to fill my summer here.  Here’s my current itinerary with my best guesses about where I’ll be when, but of course we all know that anything can change in an instant, so don’t try to hold me to any kind of firm schedule!

Yesterday I found out that the Department of Natural Resources had linked my website on their Camping & Recreation page inviting people to “Follow Malia’s trip as she tours Michigan’s best destinations and hidden gems.” 

Now is that cool or what??

And speaking of totally cool, while the last week has been unusually high temperatures (in the mid 90’s) and my A/C was running continually, today more reasonable weather returned and I had to turn on the heater this morning – crazy cool…

And tomorrow I head to Proud Lake, then Brighton Recreation Area.  I’ll be in that general area for 2 weeks, so I’ll be able to meet my virtual assistant clients for the first time.  I’ve worked for some of them for 4 years and have never met in person – now that will be cool, too!