Hoeft State Park – Bike Trail and Rogers City

Jul/10/2011 11 Malia Lane
Michigan, State Parks

One of the really neat things about P.H. Hoeft State Park is that it has a 10 mile paved bike trail named Huron Sunrise Trail.

Really great because it runs beside the road (US-23 Heritage Route), but is not actually attached to it so you don’t have to worry about dodging cars.  It runs from the park in both directions.

Rogers City is to the south about 4.5 miles away, where the trail currently ends at the harbor.  In the other direction is 40-Mile Point Lighthouse Park, about 3 miles to the north.

I heard they’re talking about extending this trail all the way to Mackinac City to the north, about 50 miles away.  Now that would be a ride!


I hit the trail on a day right after a brief rain spell and and everything looked even greener, bluer and happier than usual!

I saw these people while I was riding on the bike path. On the beach, walking their dog, flying a kite behind them. The sweet life for sure!

Rogers City is a cute little town with a few shops and restaurants, but the thing I enjoyed the most was the Lakeside Park.

Volleyball on the beach with a nice little boardwalk to stroll along…

The Harbor is to the left and I read that the reason that Lake Huron water is so clean is that nearby is the world’s largest limestone quarry.  Since limestone naturally cleans water, Lake Huron benefits from this.  The quarry is still in operation but visitors haven’t been allowed to tour here since 9-11 due to security concerns.

On the grounds of Lakeside Park, The Pavilion had some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had.  My bike trip and the day at Rogers City was a great day all the way around, that’s for sure!