Harrisville State Park

Jul/3/2011 8 Malia Lane
Michigan, State Parks

July 2, 2011

My first full day at Harrisville State Park was a real bear…

…a real bear hug anyway!  Smokey toured the campground this morning and took pictures with all us kids…

I had met the ever-so-nice camp host, Kay, the day before, but today I got to meet Dave Dekett, the Park Supervisor. It was so great to visit with them and hear some of the history of the park and the changes it’s been through since it was put into operation in 1921. I’ll go into that a little more when I get into the webpages about the campground later.

In walking around the campground, I met Lori enjoying one of the most popular sites beachfront at Lake Huron as we watched kite flying kids on the beach.  This girl knows her Michigan camping backwards and forwards and was so friendly sharing great tips and “insider” info…I’m looking forward to taking her up on her invitation to come share a campfire right on the beach!

Then I went back to my campsite, got my bike to go into town for the kid’s parade down Main Street …

They had their bikes and wagons all decked out for the 4th and were just so cute waving and throwing candy to the other kids on the sidewalk.

After that I ate at the Old Place Inn because an all-you-can-eat salad and soup bar sounded exactly like what I wanted – and it was fabulous!  Their French Onion and Tomato Veggie soups were some of the best I’ve ever had and I usually don’t like potato salad or cole slaw from a restaurant, but their’s was truly delicious.

I went down to the end of Main Street and watched the water for a while…

…and since I can never resist a local craft fair, I checked out the goods here.  Local “Pam’s Pantry” had some packets of the makings for homemade dip called “Russ’ Ragin Cajun Garlic” and when I went to try a sample, she cautioned me it was pretty hot.  I laughed and told her I was a real New ‘Awlins cajun gal, and when I tasted it, I couldn’t resist buying one – a Cajun treat from MI!

I really love how the campground has this great bike path leading from the park to town, so this was my way home.

Back at home, I hung around the beach for a while – I’m such a swinger!  🙂

When it was dark, I drove down to the Harbor where the fireworks festivities would begin at 10:00.  Here’s what it looks like during the day since I never could get a good shot of the fireworks, but take my word for it – they were fantastic!  I’ve never been this close to the “lift-off” point before.  They were shooting off from that spot across the water about where the middle of the bench is.  You can barely see the lighthouse there, but it was really great to see it all lit up by the fireworks, and how the new fireworks lit up the trails left by the old fireworks.  Really a great night, but getting out of the parking lot took longer than the fireworks show!  But it was most definitely a great way to end my first full day at Harrisville State Park!