Feb/27/2017 4 Malia Lane
Alabama, Natchez Trace Parkway, State Parks

I know I haven’t posted to this blog in quite a while. I use this site for personal updates that may or may not relate to fulltime RVing, but it’s been all I can do lately to keep up with my main MaliasMiles.com website where I share info on campgrounds and other explorations. Tom Hendrix […]

Jun/9/2015 3 Malia Lane
State Parks, Yellowstone National Park

I’m so happy that I’m on the road again with Yellowstone as my main destination this time instead of just passing through like I did in 2003 on my way back from Alaska.  My mom was with me and we only had three days before we had to get back to Austin then.  I’ve wanted […]

The table below have my planned stops when I was still researching my trip south down the Trace.  As of October 27, 2014, I’m there!  Here’s the link to the index page on the website where I’ll be posting lots of pictures and details of this journey. Malia’s Miles – Natchez Trace Parkway Comments below […]

Aug/19/2013 4 Malia Lane
Campgrounds, Family, State Parks

July, 2013 While I was planning a trip to visit family near Columbia, SC, I was so glad to find this scenic state park so close to them.  I’m including pictures and info below not included on Malia’s Miles Sesquicentennial pages featuring the park overview, campgrounds and trails with many more pictures and details.  If […]

I arrived at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama on Wednesday.  I thought it was pretty considerate for the threatening rainclouds to hold off letting go of their load of rain until I was completely set up and had just walked inside. Even so, I appreciated the view from my windshield – a tall […]

May/30/2013 23 Malia Lane
Campgrounds, State Parks

My first state park in my new Kismet!  Roosevelt State Park – now this is the kind of campground I really prefer.  It’s convenient to I-20 but set far enough back so there’s no highway noise and such greenery is soothing to my soul.  Entrance into the park – like driving through an enchanted forest. […]

Oct/29/2011 12 Malia Lane
Michigan, State Parks

This is my new favorite easy trail within a Michigan state park!  When I was talking with other campers at Ludington State Park last week, unanimously everyone mentioned one of the very best things about Ludington was its variety of hiking trails.  I was particularly encouraged not to miss the Lost Lake Trail and I’m so glad […]

Oct/14/2011 23 Malia Lane
Michigan, State Parks

Update 10/19/11:  The reporter who interviewed me for the local ABC news station also did a piece on this festival that aired last night.  I provided the pictures and little video clips from the fun I had.   Here is link to the online version.  I loved her title: “Hundreds Gather for Creepy Camping” – LOL! […]

Sep/8/2011 10 Malia Lane
Michigan, State Parks

For the second time in two weeks, I’ve decided I’m just not willing to leave Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park until I absolutely have to.  I was supposed to leave here today.  But yesterday as I was going to take my last look at Lake of the Clouds, it hit me in a profound and […]

Jul/11/2011 3 Malia Lane
Michigan, State Parks

July 10, 2011 I hate to think I almost missed the chance to see this lighthouse. Since I was leaving Hoeft State Park on Tuesday, I had planned this venture for Monday.  But on Sunday afternoon, something just told me to go visit it then.  I got there just an hour before closing and found […]

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