Aug/1/2016 4 Malia Lane
Misadventures on the road, RV Repairs

July 31, 2016:  The other day I noticed that sometimes the toilet will keep trickling water after it is flushed. At first, it was easy enough just to nudge the foot pedal up a little to seat it more securely, so I went with my usual course of procrastination, although I started looking around for […]

Jul/16/2016 14 Malia Lane
Arizona, Fulltime RVing, Health Issues, RV Repairs

Since I’ve had so many questions lately about why I’m still in Sedona despite the oppressive heat and wonderful pictures and invites from my friends in cooler Colorado, I started working on a blog post about all the beautiful things I’ve been experiencing here and how I just wasn’t ready to leave because I hadn’t […]

Aug/1/2015 0 Malia Lane
RV Repairs, Yellowstone National Park

July 23, 2015:  After my RV windshield was shattered on July 14 (see RV Windshield Woes), I was glad I could still get out in my car to explore while waiting for that windshield to be replaced. Little did I know before that could even be done, I would be batting two for two and […]

Jul/19/2015 8 Malia Lane
RV Repairs

July 15, 2015 – Shocking intrusion into my motorhome! (Offending lug nut seen on dash.) In my last post, I told about my one night stay at Rainbow Point Forest Service Campground, having been referred there by an uninformed camp host at Baker’s Hole. I decided I would stop by Baker’s Hole on my way […]

Feb/28/2014 9 Malia Lane
Fulltime RVing, RV Repairs

That’s the question I’m faced with now on my 2012 Winnebago Adventurer (bought in May, 2013). While I’m the second owner, it only had the 1,500 miles from the factory since the original owner changed his mind before driving it.  The factory warranty expired in September, 2013, before the following issue was discovered. While at […]

May/22/2013 5 Malia Lane
Misadventures on the road, RV Repairs

My quote for the day: “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” ~  Michael Jordan My addition: …or get out and unhook and get back on the road!     Today […]

May/30/2012 24 Malia Lane
RV Repairs

Well, I’m still driving myself crazy and getting nowhere except more insane and less sure about what to do about this major decision I’m faced with.  So I’m going to try to be analytical about this and get some help and input from my other RVer friends. Former posts and history about this thought process: […]

Feb/28/2012 22 Malia Lane
RV Repairs

So since my last post about RV Show Drooling at the RV Expo, I’ve been getting lessons on what is possible and what is improbable (whether it’s due to cost, other things that I want more, whatever). I had come to think a washer/dryer was an absolute necessity.  Even though it just came with my first motorhome, having […]

Feb/20/2012 12 Malia Lane
RV Repairs

I went to the RV Expo here in Austin this weekend.  Lord help me!  I’ve been debating the pros and cons of keeping my 12 year old 36′ motorhome vs. getting something newer.  But higher payments and the increased debt of buying a new (or even just new-to-me) motorhome kept me on the side of […]

Jun/13/2011 10 Malia Lane
RV Repairs

Well, not me really, but I’m not exactly a happy camper and my RV has been smoking!  Here’s what’s happening: At around 5:00 this morning, I heard the heat pump turn off.  Since that woke me up, I was going to turn on the TV to get back to sleep and that’s when I noticed […]

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