I thought this was too cool not to share.  I was just trying to answer an email from a woman who asked so many questions my head was spinning just reading them.  Basically she wants to become a solo fulltime RVer but she’s scared: of not having enough money, of her adult kids not having […]

Yesterday I had to do some shopping, but decided to take the long, scenic route to Maryville to see how spring was coming along.  I stopped to cross a scenic swinging bridge (never can resist those), then headed out for the Foothills Parkway because I hadn’t been back there since fall colors were strutting their […]

People often ask me what is my favorite place I’ve visited.  It’s always too hard to pick just one place since so many pieces of trips were all fantastic in their own way, and I wouldn’t have missed going to any of them. But today I got a Facebook message from a dear friend I […]

I got an email from a woman the other day saying she admired my “guts” in getting out there as a solo woman in a 36′ RV and towing a car to boot. She said she’s spent days reading my blog and websites and while she has always wanted to travel like I do, she […]

Mar/9/2013 0 Malia Lane
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  I just came across this interview that Julianne Crane did when I was taking off for my 2011 RV trip around Michigan – Solo RVer and Writer Malia Lane is Back on the Road Again. What I said then is just as true today, but sometimes I still need these reminders:     “No […]

Mar/7/2013 0 Malia Lane
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I thought this “Fight Like a Girl Club” quote was appropriate, so I shared it on Facebook.  Although the actual club’s mission relates to women battling cancer and other life-limiting diseases, the hopes, dreams and fears are universal and applicable to many life circumstances. I’ve been in contact a lot lately with more women who […]

Mar/2/2013 0 Malia Lane
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Last night I posted to Facebook that my day had felt like a roller coaster ride: “I’ve had one hell of a roller coaster ride day. I just can’t go into detail now because so much is still up in the air and everything has been changing like wildfire all day long. But I came […]

Feb/25/2013 0 Malia Lane

I’m having to remind myself lately of a lot of things that inspired me to start my fulltime RVing lifestyle despite the many seemingly “reasonable” reasons why I’ve felt that part of my life should be let go. I’ve been hearing a bunch from people who wonder why I haven’t been updating this blog.  Besides […]

Jan/31/2011 2 Malia Lane

In reliving memories from my RVing buddies after my last note, I came across this poem I quoted in an update from January 2006 on the way to Quartzsite.  I think it’s appropriate to remember every year… When you’ve prayed to God so you’ll know his will When you’ve prayed and prayed and you don’t […]

2/17/10 But then again, so do the angels continue to appear, thank God… So I took the car to the Ford dealer today to get the transmission fluid checked. See my post below about how all that came about. My cousins and I thought that the transmission fluid had just bubbled over since it was […]