Oh (Almost) Crappy Day

Aug/1/2016 4 Malia Lane
Misadventures on the road, RV Repairs

crappy dayJuly 31, 2016:  The other day I noticed that sometimes the toilet will keep trickling water after it is flushed. At first, it was easy enough just to nudge the foot pedal up a little to seat it more securely, so I went with my usual course of procrastination, although I started looking around for mobile RV repair service.

But yesterday I guess I had nudged too much or too hard, because the foot pedal came off.  The water started filling the tank and I freaked out not knowing what to do except shut the water off at the outside spigot. Thankfully, I was able to do that in time before the shit hit the floor, so to speak.  I’m not in the least bit talented in the RV repair and especially plumbing department, but I tried to put the handle back on with no success. I was able to figure out, though, that there are two little knobby Dealies (that’s as technical a description as I can manage) that if I turned them, one would let water in and the other would open the little gate to flush.

RV toilet

It being a weekend, of course, I was thankful that #1 (get it?), I could still manage to flush the toilet even though it meant getting on the bathroom floor to turn the little dealies – and #2 (haha again), that I was able to get ahold of a mobile repair guy that will come out Monday morning to fix it.  I also noticed how gross the floor was in back of the toilet and cleaned it since I was going to be familiar with this area for a while. (Lord, how did it get so filthy back there?).

toilet thank youBiggest item of gratitude, however, is that I had totally cleaned out the black water tank yesterday, filling and flushing several times till it was clear.  Because this morning when I woke up and put my butt on the seat, I felt water touch me where I don’t want toilet water touching me!  I figured the shut off valve must be slowly leaking into the toilet, so I tried to flush it with the right knobby dealie and it made water gurgle out from the toilet onto the floor.  This is where the extra gratitude comes in that the water was clear and not it’s usual crappy self. Then I realized the tank was completely full and that’s what filled the toilet. So my best guess is that there must be something wrong with the valve that’s still letting water slowly (thank God) drip into the tank since it was completely empty yesterday.  So I dumped the tank, filled the fresh water tank, turned off the water pump and verified no water seems to be filling the tank – or at least I hope so or that it will take as long to fill today as it did overnight.

Because I’ve heard so many stories about flooding due to burst pipes or something, I usually don’t leave water turned on at spigot, but just keep filling my water tank to keep fresh water circulating there.  But I’d been using water from the hose since I was washing clothes and didn’t want to monitor the water tank during that process.  I’m gonna be more careful about that from now on, that’s for sure!

I’m going to Unity services today and then a workshop afterward entitled, “Consciously Co-Creating a New Life.”  I had to laugh when I thought I’m so glad I didn’t consciously or subconsciously co-create a crappy day because I’m sure if I had woken up to that overflowing in my toilet it would have put me in such a crappy mood, I would still be cursing and cleaning, so wouldn’t be going anywhere today.  LOL!


Update 8/1/16:  I’m also thankful the mobile tech service (Paul’s RV Service) came out so quickly.  He said it’s another case where it’s just as expensive to repair and replace parts as it would be to completely replace the toilet, so he’s getting with my extended warranty company to get approval to order another toilet.

pissed offI am compelled to comment on this throw-away society we now live in.  Why can’t they make the parts out of something more substantial than plastic so when these type of common repairs are needed that the handle or other component parts could be replaced or repaired without the need for the entire toilet needing to be replaced?  To continue my toilet theme humor, that is totally ridiculous and just pisses me off – things are not made worth a crap today!

On the gratitude scale, I’m so thankful I got that extended warranty insurance because it has paid for itself already!