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Shenandoah National Park Road Scenes
September, 2007

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Being in this area for a couple of months gave me several opportunities to get out and drive through the park - once is just not enough for this type of beauty!

Shenandoah Summer - bright and cheery yellow flowers in the foreground of these incredible mountain ranges - what a sight!

I'll always yield for deer - my favorite animal of the forest!

You know when you run across such backups that there's probably an interesting animal around - either a bear or big buck that people want to see and to hell with the traffic.

In this case it was a bear in the woods right off the road!

Pretty soon a ranger came by with a slingshot - to provide some "negative stimulus" in an effort to get the bear not to get too comfortable with humans. In this case, the bear was tagged as a prior offender. It was sad to hear that he'd probably have to be put down because they just can't risk it.

Shenandoah Sunsets - I was blessed to see two of them during my stay.

This was my favorite - at the end of an amazing day to see the sun set and be reflected in the lake below.

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