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Shenandoah National Park Hiking
September, 2007

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Hiking is one of my favorite things about RVing and one of the main reasons I wanted to start this adventure before I got too old to be able to make them.

This is the start of Dark Hollow Falls trail. The cheery yellow flowers on the hillside were great company on the path.

There are little teaser falls along the way to urge you onward.

Dark Hollow Falls is not massive, but still quite beautiful. At only 6/10 of a mile down the trail, it's easier to reach than any other waterfall in the park.

The next hike I did was Black Rock trail. It was a very warm day when I headed out, but I couldn't resist this inviting path.

Here I got a preview of fall with the start of leaves turning crimson red. I never did make the destination, though - it just got too hot and I couldn't really tell from the map how far I had gone or how much farther to Black Rock, so I turned back.

A few days later, I drove up to Big Meadows Lodge for an old-timey band I heard was playing there. Turned out there is an easy .2 mile walk to the summit of Black Rock, the highest point on Big Meadows, from the lodge. The expansive view from here is absolutely breathtaking. A couple I met here said the sunsets are spectacular from these rock ledges, but I didn't stay that long.

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