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Greenleaf State Park
Braggs, OK

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Malia's Notes: on
OK State Parks

Greenleaf State Park is known as one of the Oklahoma's most scenic and family-oriented parks. Located on a serene 900 acre sparkling blue lake, it offers over 200 RV and tent campsites, many of them lakeside. But before I get to campground details, I've just gotta tell you about my very favorite feature of this park - the deer!
These gorgeous creatures roam freely around the campgrounds. Despite the heat, I was glad to be here in August to see so many fawns hanging out with their moms.
At the Nature Hut, they're caring for two fawns who had sad stories to tell about being separated from their moms, but they seem to like the grub here. I was thrilled beyond words that the Park Naturalist, Steve Evans, let me bottle feed these babies.
Here's Steve showing me the orphaned baby possums he's caring for. Right after this picture was taken, he had to go quickly wash his hands. He said he was considering writing a book entitled "Animals Who Have Pooped on Me." I can't wait to read that one! He could actually write a book on the history of this area - he was so helpful and knowledgeable about the historic WPA buildings and other interesting tidbits about the park and its surroundings.
If you're an animal lover, this is definitely the park for you! In the planning stages is a bird-watching blind where you can spy on your feathered friends without disturbing them. And for you fishermen, nearby Gore is the official "Trout Capital of Oklahoma!"
Gobbler Ridge campground gets its name honestly from some of the "residents" of the park - wild turkeys who also roam around the grounds. I really got a kick out of watching them cavorting around.
Malia's 2 cents: What's not to love here? A quiet lake, choices of wooded, sunny, or lakeside camping, and a friendly, helpful staff dedicated to making your stay memorable. Need I say I enjoyed my stay here?

Location: 3 miles S of Braggs on SH-10.
From I-40: Exit 287 to SR-100 for 4.2 miles, then 8.2 miles on SR-10.
GPS coordinates: 35.62° N; 95.17° W
Phone: (918) 487-5196 (park info & reservations)
E mail:

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