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Skidaway Island State Park
52 Diamond Causeway
Savannah, GA 31411
Phone: (912) 598-2300
March, 2007

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Skidaway Island State Park was a stop during my first year of fulltiming on my way to Florida in 2002. See Malia's RV pages for that stay. I fell in love with it and Savannah and vowed to return one day when I had more time. I love it when a plan comes together - no matter how long it takes!

The campground is broken up into four loops with a total of 88 sites.

Area 1 - I liked my site (#7) because the view from the windshield looked onto a beautiful palmetto plant and woodsy area. I also liked the size of my yard and the expanse of space between neighbors. It also is one of the few 50 amp sites. Too wooded for satellite TV, but they do provide a few cable channels to all sites. Verizon air card worked fine for internet access.
Area 2 entrance looking at site #40
Area 3, site 72 - I liked the abundance of Spanish Moss in the trees of this site.
When I was driving around, I couldn't resist talking to another couple from Texas, Jim & Sherry Bernard. They were in site #85 in their brand new Country Coach dream machine. This was their first visit to Georgia and they really liked this campground's spacious sites as opposed to rv parks who "just cram them in." They said they also liked the quiet, peaceful, natural setting, and how clean everything is. They especially appreciated the nice camp host who led them into the site when they arrived when it was nearing dark.
Entrance to Area 4. It didn't look like there was a huge difference between the loops as far as the sites go (except some of those in Area 3 and 1 have 50 amps). Areas 1 and 2 are closer to the entrance, so quicker in and out if that's important to you. Area 2, however, doesn't have a "Comfort Station" (restrooms, showers) as nearby that loop as the others do. The three comfort stations also have a coin operated washer/dryer (1 each). See site map link below for info on the loops and where the sites are situated.

Malia's 2 cents: Beautiful campground that feels like you're out in the country with a private, woodsy feel, but only 20 minutes from Savannah - what more can you ask for? Very dark and quiet at night - the park gate is locked after 10 pm and as a solo woman camper, I appreciated that extra feeling of security. The rangers driving around at night checking everything out was nice, too.

Other Camper Comments: I met a couple here for the first time from Virginia. They came to explore Savannah, but said if they had done nothing else but this park, they would have been happy!
Two Way Roads: As you can see from the pics, the roads are adequate even for big rigs, but I wondered about what happens when two meet in the middle. I asked the park manager about that and she said in the 2-1/2 years she's been here, she's never heard of it being a problem and since there are sites on both sides of the road, it needs to be that way. There usually is space on the side to pull over, so if you see a neighbor coming up the road that can't back up, pull over where you can.
Management Issues: I was really impressed with Holly Holdsworth, the park manager. She's one of only two female park managers out of the 63 in Georgia. She was a former interpretive ranger and her main wish for the park is for it to have more staffing so they could offer more organized programs. Wi-fi is another wish and is being researched. Improvements currently on the list is a second dump station, repaving to address tree root issues and better interpretive signs for the trails. She is adament about the cleanliness of the park, especially the restrooms. When Trailer Life came to do their review, they said it was the cleanest restrooms they'd ever seen in a state park and she could do training on the matter. Holly humbly gave credit to her staff, but cues from management go a long way in staff responsiveness.
Bugsy report: Lots of camper comments about being eaten alive by sand gnats, no-see-ums, whatever. I had already been a feast for them starting in Charleston, and I think I started spraying too late, because I was already itching so much at that point, it's hard to say if I was new bites or old. In any case, get the best spray you can and use it - no joke!
Entry Fees: Besides the camping cost, they do charge a $3.00 entry fee, but that's only for the first day. Subsequent days are not charged; if you plan to have regular visitors, they are charged the one $3.00 fee and then are given a pass for entry during your stay.

See Site Map for campground details. I didn't see a legend for their online map, but Sites 1-10 (Area 1) and 68-87 (Area 3) have 50 amp electric service (colored green on map). All the rest have 30 amps.

This is a popular park and reservations during the spring and over holidays (especially Presidents' Day in February) are recommended. When I was checking in, I saw them turn away 2 unhappy campers without them.

Note about reservations: Specific sites are not assigned at the time the reservation is made even though you're asked the size of RV. When you show up, you get to drive around and pick the one you want. All sites are pull-throughs, but some look a bit difficult for a large motorhome to get in and out of without backing up. See Reservation Policies for more info or call (800) 864-7275.

More camper comments on . I agree with the comment about not arriving after dark. While I had no problem navigating the roads in my 36' motorhome, they're not overly large and the sites are heavily wooded, it's really dark at night here (I love that) but I betcha some sites would be hard to navigate into at night.

Location: 15 miles SE of Savannah
From I-16, exit #164A (I-516). That turns into DeRenne Avenue. Turn right on Waters Avenue and head straight to Diamond Causeway. Park is on the first left 0.6 mile after drawbridge (road between 2 churches). Some have commented that signs are few and far between and hard to follow. I didn't really rely on that - my Streets & Trips got me here from Richmond Hill with no problem whatsoever.

GPS coordinates: 31.95° N / 81.05° W

Join me for a stroll along Sandpiper Nature Trail
Sandpiper Nature Trail
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