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Savannah, Georgia
March, 2007

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What a beautiful city! It has so much going for it besides being the largest National Historic Landmark District in the USA. My favorite icons of its unique history are the 24 squares in the downtown district. Peaceful places in the midst of a modern bustling city remind us of important people and events in Savannah's history. Former presidents, native Americans, soldiers, a city in Mexico - are remembered and honored here.

Christ Episcopal Church was the first church built in Savannah. Originally founded in 1733, this is not the original building, but was built on the original foundation after the first two buildings were destroyed - one by fire and the other by hurricane.
Besides gorgeous pink azaleas in March, Wright Square contains a memorial to William Gordon for establishing Central Railroad Banking Company.
Stop and savor azaleas by shady park benches. My feet were killing me by now but it's hard to want to quit walking around when greeted by such sights.
Not far from River Street, don't miss a stroll or drive down Oglethorpe Drive, named for James Edward Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia and the guy who laid out Savannah in its unique and distinctive design. The avenue is rimmed by huge oaks dripping with Spanish moss and alive with azaleas in March.

For a great overview of the historic district, take an Old Town Trolley Tour. I explored and researched a lot of the area before I took the tour and still learned good stuff from the guides - like an interesting fact about this gorgeous house by Columbia Square.

For a glimpse of the spookier side of Savannah, hop on the "Trolley of the Doomed" on the Ghosts & Gravestones tour. Your guide tells tales of local mysteries and mayhem, and then escorts you into the Sorrel Weed house, featured on the Sci Fi channel as one of the spookiest in Savannah. Fun tour!

Click here to read "Spooky Savannah" - my article published in MotorHome Magazine in the October 2007 issue (published with permission)

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