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Go to Wingfoot website
Check out Goodyear RV Tires
Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems
500 Highway 80
Garden City, GA 31408
(912) 964-9300
I knew I was due for new RV tires and that I wouldn't feel safe on the mountainous roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway during my tour in June, 2007 with 7 year old tires. I had been so satisfied with my Goodyear tires for the 6 years I've owned my motorhome and was thrilled when they agreed to help sponsor me by shipping the tires to this Wingfoot location near Savannah. The people here were great, taking the time to answer all my questions and advise me on the proper inflation and care of my new tires. The manager, Alex, was very gracious, but one of the installers (Jesse) was a fellow avid RVer and he told me something I had never thought of before about rotating the tires. He said instead of rotating around in a clockwise direction as I had been doing, that it was best to take both rear tires from one side and move them to the front. Then the next time, those tires get moved to the back on the other side and the two on the opposite site gets moved up and so on. He explained that way both front tires have the same wear patterns, etc. This made sense to me and I just thought I'd pass that helpful tip on. It's also nice to know that Wingfoot has a network of 24 hour emergency service outlets across the country to call so you'll never be stranded without help no matter what time it is or where you are. Get more info on their website by clicking on the sign above. Also click on Goodyear's sign for their recommendations on RV tire care. They also have a very informative pdf brochure entitled "Recreational Vehicle Tire and Care Guide" that you can download.
Louis' Truck/RV Wash
100 Sommers Blvd.
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 756-3399
Having a service wash my RV is a luxury for me. I usually do it myself in order to save money wherever I can. But my rig was extra dirty after a heavy dose of spring pollen, tree and bird droppings, so I pulled in and decided to give myself a break and my motorhome a really professional cleaning on my way to nearby Savannah South KOA.
I was actually a little intimidated to pull into a truck wash - I'd never done that before. But the owner, Louis, was very friendly when I went into the office and put my mind at ease right away. And it sure was nice to drive off in a nice, clean RV without the back and arm pain that usually go with that effort on my part!
Save 10% Coupon New Service: I got the idea to negotiate discount coupons for readers, so if you saw it here and print out your coupon, you can save a little money. If you don't have a printer, just write the info down and bring it in. Hey, every little bit helps with these gas prices, right?

Directions: From I-95, exit #87 (Hwy. 17), then turn left like you're going into the TA station (they had the cheapest gas in the area when I was there, by the way). Go past it down that road and Louis' is on the right. You can pull in around back of the office, get in line (if there is one) and then go in to pay. Tell Louis I said hi!
2477 Hwy. 17, Suite B4
Ways Station Shopping Center

Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 756-5585

I saw this shop not far down the road from the KOA where I was staying. Since they had a DirecTV sign out, I went in and talked to a really nice lady and told her about the problem I was having with my satellite reception. She put a call in to the owner, Gene, and I told him about the annoying squiggly lines making the picture near impossible to see even though I had a strong signal. Immediately he said "Change the input channel from 3 to 4 - that's the problem in that area you're in." I couldn't believe it was that simple, but it was!

Later on, he was kind enough to come over and help me get my new DVD/VCR recorder set up. He's been in the biz for over 41 years and says "If it's electronics, we can do it!" Besides that, he's been RVing for almost as many years so is familiar with the particular challenges of electronics in RVs, works with both DirecTV and Dish Network setups, as well as Hughes Internet satellite systems.

Give Gene a call when you're in the Savannah area to get your electronics needs straightened out and give him my regards!

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