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Savannah South KOA
4915 Hwy. 17 South
Savannah, GA 31324
Phone: (912) 756-3396

Savannah, GA

March, 2007 then again April-May, 2007

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I liked the Savannah South KOA so much during my first visit in March, 2007, I returned for a longer stay after visiting Skidaway Island and Fort McAllister State Parks the following month. Alas, the second time was not nearly as positive. In any case, here are pictures and details of my first visit and comments about the second so you can make up your own mind.

Here I am in site #19. I really enjoyed the surrounding trees and the bonus was that there was a big enough hole in them to get satellite TV. Verizon phone and air card worked great, too.
My across-the-street view of the lake was a special treat.
Looking down the lake at the rigs with some ducky neighbors. If you're into bird and fowl watching, you'll enjoy the beautiful swans gliding by and the egrets & ibis that fill the trees on a little bird sanctuary island offshore - makes for some nice, peaceful sunset moments.
Here's an overview of the campground looking from the office down the lakeside.
An overview looking in the other direction.

Malia's 2 cents: Since my first visit was so positive, I returned for a two month stay for the remainder of my time in Savannah. Unfortunately, the park changed management during that time and I can't honestly say my contact with the new management was nearly as pleasant. To say they need a refresher course in customer service would be an understatement. I wondered if it was just me as a monthly tenant that had problems with them, but another nightly fellow camper remarked to me, "They acted like they were doing me a favor by letting me check in." The campground is still nice, but why don't some managers understand that the initial greeting and always treating their guests with respect and courtesy is as important as providing a clean and well maintained park? Anyway, since my initial review had so much to do with the great customer service attitude of the then-managers, I felt compelled to update this page. I'm always interested to hear your own experiences, so as usual, please share them with me by email to

See Site Map courtesy of Malia's Miles.

Camper comments from Reid and Jackie from Illinois: We like that the campground has lots of trees, but is easy enough to drive around them. We don't like to camp in concrete parking lots!

More camper comments on . My only problem: The hookups are very far back on the site I was in (#19). I needed both of my 20' sewer hoses in order to park closer up to the front of my site and then the slinky holder wasn't long enough to support them. Parking further back would have prevented me from opening my awning or getting satellite TV due to trees.

Wi-Fi: Not yet available, but they're working on it. For now, there is a data port at the office.

Directions: Exit 87 off I-95, then south .5 mile on US 17.
Note: My Streets & Trips program, as well as Garmin GPS, showed having to go farther down US 17 and making a U-turn, but this is not true. There is a left-hand turn island directly into the park.

GPS coordinates: 31.92° N / 81.33° W

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