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Mayberry Campground Blue Ridge Parkway Trip
October, 2007

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Mayberry Campground

114 Bunker Road
Mt. Airy, NC 27030
(336) 789-6199
When I was deciding on things to see on the southbound part of my Parkway tour, I knew I didn't want to miss Mount Airy. I kept hearing about it on the way north, but didn't have time for it then. But I knew I wanted to see Andy Griffith's hometown and the basis for the idealistic town of Mayberry. I'm an Andy, Opie & Barney fan from way back. I was so happy that it turned out that Mayberry Campground was just opening, only a few miles from Mount Airy.
This is the site I chose - #5 is a pullthrough on a hill with pretty views.
Here's the view from my front window - this is one of the two catch and release fishing ponds with back-in sites being prepared on its banks. That road in the distance is I-74 - there's some road noise from it, but not really bad, I guess because it's muffled some by the trees.
This row is a straight line on the hillside with space to pull through on side entries/exits. I liked how my front door faced the pretty hillside.
On the other side of the road are more pull throughs with the more traditional style entry/exit.

Here's the friendly owner, Benny, mowing my yard. It was easy to get caught up in his excitement about opening his campground - a longtime dream as a longtime lover of camping. The house in the background was his Grandma Maude's and is kept in pristine condition as when she departed this earth. No one lives there now, and is only used for family reunions. The other stocked pond is to its left. See below for more info on the house and go to next page for a tour inside.

Benny turned out to be a real blessing to me when a wind gust caught my awning and blew half of it over the roof. He wasn't onsite at the time, but when he was called he came right over and got the arm down and back into place so it could be closed up. Turns out one of the pins on the arm had broken off, but thank God it looks like it will be an easy fix - could have been a lot worse and I sure appreciated his help!

The family homestead of 250 acres (50 acres now campground) has been rolling farmland since the late 1800's, so was already cleared of trees. But Benny is planning on adding many trees and keeping the grass green and lush year round by seeding different varieties of grass for the seasons.

Other improvements planned for include wi-fi, cable TV, and pool with Jacuzzi. Now you're talking my language! I hardly ever use a campground's pool, but I really love the idea of having a Jacuzzi as that's the one thing I really miss having by living in a motorhome - a nice long soak in a hot tub.

It's also nice to see an owner who is very receptive to ideas from campers - that's how he came up with the idea of having a dog play area that will be fenced in with benches for the owners to watch their doggies play off leash.

Benny said he designed the layout to provide two distinct kinds of accommodations - the all pull-though hilltop sites with the easiest access are more for the quickie overnight visitors and the sites are a bit closer together. The remaining sites are more destination oriented with more space between sites. I thought it was also smart (and considerate) planning to have two dump pipes at each site, one toward the back and the other toward the front.

Benny's family are descendants of the famous Siamese Twins, Eng and Chang. Eng (on the right) is Benny's great-great grandpa.

I also had the chance to meet Benny's aunt, Nonnie, great granddaughter of Eng. She is a great lady and a real "hoot & a holler" as Andy would say!

I was honored to be given a tour by Benny of the family farmhouse. Click here to go inside with me.

GPS Coordinates: 36.45433° N; 80.63666° W
Location: Near intersection of I-74 and U.S. 601; depending on which way you're heading on the Parkway, either exit taking Hwy. 52 through Mt. Airy or Hwy. 89 from Parkway to campground. See their website for directions from numerous places.

Malia's 2 cents: I really enjoyed being one of the first guests at this brand new campground - it's exciting to hear of all the great plans and I look forward to a future return visit to see the changes. Benny's enthusiasm is genuine and contagious. Lynn, the office manager, is incredibly helpful and friendly. I don't think you'll regret a stay here and meeting these fine folks. Be sure to tell them Malia sends her best regards!
Besides Mount Airy, you're also close to Pilot Mountain State Park and several vineyards are in the area for touring and wine tasting.
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