Yellowstone Doesn’t Like Me!

Aug/1/2015 0 Malia Lane
RV Repairs, Yellowstone National Park

July 23, 2015:  After my RV windshield was shattered on July 14 (see RV Windshield Woes), I was glad I could still get out in my car to explore while waiting for that windshield to be replaced. Little did I know before that could even be done, I would be batting two for two and my car windshield would fall victim to the road construction around West Thumb Basin.

Honda windshield crack

Coming home thru loose gravel doing posted limit of 25 mph, wanting to be extra careful because I was thinking of the RV windshield, I saw a line of cars coming toward me and could tell a pickup in front was going faster than 25.  I inched over as far as I could to the right, but sure enough, he kicked up a rock and it found me. I heard it hit and watched the crack spread. The picture above was taken right afterwards.  I could hardly freaking believe it!  I just wanted to climb in a hole and hide somewhere. I keep thinking, “Oh just give up and go home!” But the thing is, my home is wherever I am now and there’s nowhere to go back to where I really believe I’d be any safer from bad things happening.

Honda windshield replacedThankfully, the same company (A-1 Auto Glass from Bozeman) that was going to replace the RV windshield had the Honda windshield in stock and came out to replace that even before the RV could be done.

That same morning, I also discovered I had a flat tire and that felt like the last straw.  You know those ghost shows where the people in the haunted house hear angry ghosts say to GET OUT!? That’s how I felt about Yellowstone at that point. No matter how much I wanted to come here or how beautiful I think it is, I’m just not supposed to be here.


Update August 1, 2015:  I wallowed in my negative mood for a few days, but better days and attitudes came. I went on to explore almost everything I had originally wanted to see in Yellowstone.  I haven’t even gone through all the hundreds of pictures I took, and I know that once I do, I’ll have absolutely no regrets about having chosen to spend some time here.  It really is a magical place that has no equal anywhere else.  However, I don’t imagine I’ll ever return, but if I’m ever tempted to again, it most certainly won’t be in July!

HopeAt some point, I was so discouraged, I was even going to give up my plans to spend the month of August in Glacier National Park. But hope does spring eternal given the slightest chance, and I just wasn’t willing to give in to fear and let my life be dictated by the worst things I have experienced.  Even with the wildfires going on there on the east side, I hear the west side is not affected, so I’m heading there on the 4th.

Right now I’m in Bozeman, MT at Sunrise Campground, thankful I could even get in here since the campgrounds in this area are booked solid, too.  I truly needed a few days of  total rest with full hookups to get everything cleaned and ready to head out again.  The owners here, Maryjo and Marty, have been so nice, I highly recommend this park when passing through this area.

While I do appreciate the messages and emails I get following these blog posts, I hope you understand I cannot answer much right now. I’m trying to get pages done on about the best parts of Yellowstone before I get to Glacier. So stay tuned – this old broad is still hanging in there!