Tennessee Update

While surviving the winter of 2013, I’ve been busily working on the redesign of my website and adding lots of pages to the Tennessee section of places I’ve explored since arriving here in June, 2013.  If you go to the main Tennessee Index, you’ll see links on the left column to all the pages I’ve completed so far, and there are so many more to come!

Below is a recap with links to the new pages with my new design.  Since that is now on WordPress platform, also, comments can be made there on each page as well.  I’m pretty pleased with the new look and function, although the mobile version is not ready yet, but your feedback would be most welcome!


Here I am during the heaviest snowfall at Tremont Outdoor Resort.  We all know what an unusually harsh winter this has been all over the country, and this much snow hardly ever happens in this area.  It certainly presented its challenges keeping everything warm and water flowing, but it was also a treat to experience the winter wonderland effect that this southern gal is certainly not used to!


I’ve still been mostly concentrating on exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and I have to say, the Fall season here was a special treat – something else I’ve rarely experienced and never enjoyed more.


I’m still obsessed with Cades Cove and love being so close to it that I can just head there on the spur of the moment and still get home before dark.  This 11 mile scenic loop is endlessly fascinating and the website covers all the stops with pictures of the historic cabins, churches and cemeteries that have been preserved.

Cades Cove CG

The most fun I’ve had, though, was during my stay at the campground, when I was Confined in Cades Cove during the government shutdown.  For me, there was nowhere I’d rather be, but it was still heartbreaking for so many other people whose long-time plans were either interrupted or had to be cancelled.


But I’ve never seen as many bears in my life as I did during the last 3 days of my stay there.  The Rangers warned us that as the campground cleared out, the animals were reclaiming their territory, and that was so true.  I had a couple of close encounters, but I wouldn’t have traded that entire experience for anything in the world!


I ended up being the last camper they kicked out and a few days later, I relived some of my younger years type of activities when a group of us got together to protest the ridiculous games the government was playing at our expense.  GSMNP Shutdown Protest.

It was quite an experience when hundreds of people joined us, people drove by honking their car horns in support, Bob Dylan music playing, and local restaurants bringing us food and refreshments to sustain us during the seven hours we spent there.

Thankfully, the shutdown ended a few days later!


I was also glad I listened to the advice of friends who told me not to miss Dollywood.  I had an absolute blast and am planning a return visit there tomorrow for the opening of its latest ride.  Nothing brings the kid out in me more!


It hasn’t all been fun and games since I’ve been dealing with some issues with my new-to-me motorhome, and now I’m waiting on Winnebago to ship an end cap to replace the one that Chilhowee RV Center found had radiating fiberglass cracks which was resulting in water leaks, as reported in my last post here.


So that’s it for now and I hope you’ll check out the new site and let me hear how you like it.  I’ll keep this blog going, but I think almost everything related to RVing and my explorations will be posted on the website now since comments can be made there.  You can sign up to get notices of updates to that site by email or RSS feed, too, and of course I’d love that!