Roosevelt State Park – Morton, Mississippi

May/30/2013 23 Malia Lane
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My first state park in my new Kismet!  Roosevelt State Park – now this is the kind of campground I really prefer.  It’s convenient to I-20 but set far enough back so there’s no highway noise and such greenery is soothing to my soul.

Entrance road

 Entrance into the park – like driving through an enchanted forest.

CG - Cabins sign

But of course, what’s a new adventure without another misadventure, minor though it was.  I misinterpreted this sign, thought the orange arrow above Camping meant go that way for the campground.  Of course now I see that the orange arrow pointing right is meant to direct to Cabins and the arrow pointing left, next to the Camping sign tells me to stay left.

Ah, it’s only hindsight that’s golden, because once I committed to the turn, I quickly saw this road dead-ended at the lake with no turnaround.

Cabin turnaround

At least I’m getting lots of practice unhooking and hooking my car and backing up in tight spaces!

Me and Joseph

Luckily, an angel named Joseph appeared as I was unhooking and wondering how I could get turned around safely and with no more scratches on Kismet since it was pretty tight.  But he moved his truck from his driveway so I could pull forward, then he guided me in my backup trip so I could turn around, hook up again and head back the way I came.  Miracles and angels follow me around, I tell ya!  Bless you, Joseph!

Full site

Once I got to my site, it was all worth it, though.  I love having waterfront property!

Site 94

This premium site 94 is only available for one night, but I wanted it anyway.  It’s not that I wish anything bad on the person who has it reserved for the rest of the weekend, but if his plans change and he can’t make it, I won’t be sorry…  Checkout time is not until 2:00, so I have plenty of time.

Under awning

The view from under my awning is so peaceful.

My own private peninsula

Even my own tiny, private peninsula!

Kismet from peninsula

 View of Kismet from peninsula

Picnic table

My picnic table

Office window

View from my desk.  I do have client work to do tomorrow, but that’s what pays the bills for these pleasures, so I’m not complaining – especially with this kind of view to rest my computer-weary eyes.

Bedroom window open

Bedroom window open to the lake breezes through the pines – I bet I sleep good tonight!

Lake view

Wide view of lake – that white thing in the distance is their waterslide.

After I took these shots and it got dark, I went outside and watched fireflies flitting around and I think I heard a loon’s cry.  And let me tell you, it is dark – no light pollution here!  Although the cloud cover moved in so I can’t see stars tonight.  Even though I’ll probably have to move from this site tomorrow and they have no more lakefront sites available through the weekend, I’m glad I’ll be able to move to an interior site so I can walk the nature trail – I’ve been looking forward to that so much!

Now THIS is what fulltime RVing is all about, in my opinion!

For more pictures and comments, including my walk on the Lakeview Trail and pictures of the pool and waterslide area, see this public Facebook page (you don’t need a Facebook account to view.)

Morning Glory – birds’ serenade to go with the peaceful setting:

  • Patty McKinley

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    • I agree, Patty – thanks for coming along with me! 🙂

  • Colleen Phipps

    Lovely. I hope you got to stay or got another really nice site for the rest of the weekend.

    • I did get another really nice site, even though it’s not directly on the lakefront, I really like it. I paid for another 3 days, but probably will extend after that for at least another couple. I’ve explored some, but want to do at least two of their nature trails and see if they fix the waterslide before I have to move on. 🙂 Oh, and check Facebook for pics of my new site.

  • Malia

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  • Malia

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  • Rakhitha

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    • Patty McKinley

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  • Helen

    I had no problem by just using my first name and e-mail

    • Thanks so much for the test, Helen! Whatever email you used is now “whitelisted” so you don’t have to be moderated by me. Not like anyone could moderate you, anyway – LOL!

  • Fanchon

    Ohhhhhh, My God! This is what your readers LIVE FOR! Wow and double

    You see, Malia, your blog proves that – like bosons in physics –
    we CAN be in two places at once! We can spend the day in Anytown,
    U.S.A., rushing to put out the fires in our appointment books while
    running from the mugger of time, and gargling gum-drops in- between
    traffic tie-ups and screaming cell phones that tarnish our twinkle, and
    sap our senses… then – like magic – – –

    We can switch places and check in
    on your blog … ahhhhhhhh, yes, Your Blog … where we can feel
    the cool shade of lush, green leaves bowing to the sun over a homespun
    country road; happy to be alive, living in the moment … or we can stop. Stop! … and
    listen to the gentle lapping of a quiet lake and the lonely call of a
    loon on a lazy afternoon, or gaze at a black crow sitting on top of a
    towering pine; a beauty mark against the unblemished face of the sky.

    Ooooooooo, y e s. Oh, yes — thanks to you, Malia, we CAN be in two
    places at once! 🙂


    • Fanchon,

      Your comments are so appreciated! While I have the same wonder about the things I am blessed to experience, your poetic way of telling me you have the same reaction gives me an even greater appreciation for them! And for you, my friend, as you travel along with me. 🙂

      • Fanchon

        Thank you, Malia. I can’t wait to see all of the new adventures (and misadventures?) you have yet to take us to. What fun! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Hi again, Have you been getting wet from all my “drooling” over your posts and pictures? We had been thinking of going to Tennessee this year for vacation and now I know I am and plan to go the same route as you are traveling, never been to Roosevelt Park. If I hadn’t already committed myself for June I would be on the road today but will wait until July. Until then will just follow along and “stalk” your footprints and tire marks!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR BLOG!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi again, are you getting wet from all my “drooling” over your posts and pictures? We had talked of going to Tennessee this summer for vacation and now I KNOW I am, have never been to Roosevelt State Park but I will now! If I hadn’t already committed myself for June I would be on the road today but July be here soon. Do you feel me “stalking” your footprints and tire marks? LOL!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR BLOG, I hope you realize what you do for people who follow you through your blog!!!

    • Well, Elizabeth, I thought those drops falling on my head as I went outside this morning were raindrops, so thanks for the clarification (but I have to say, “Yuck!)” LOL!

      I never thought I’d be happy to have a “stalker” (even of my tire marks) but you’re a fun one! That’s very cool that you’ll be heading to Tennessee also. My plans keep having to change for one reason or another, so my stay in TN will have to be broken up into two parts, since I now have to be in SC earlier than expected. But my focus for the summer will still be there, so it would be great if we ended up meeting up. So keep stalking and maybe we can compare notes on the trip! 🙂

  • Joe Germany

    Hey Malia,

    Glad to see you had a great time at Roosevelt. Our youth group certainly enjoyed the park and had some wonderful worship services together.

    Have Fun, Be Safe, God Bless!

    • My Angel Joseph! I’m so happy to hear from you! I’m so glad your group enjoyed their stay here, too. They are lucky to have you as a counselor, that’s for sure. I really loved it here (after I quit making wrong turns!). And I’ve looked at that sign about 3 times now and sometimes I wonder how I could have ever misinterpreted it and other times I see how I could have gotten confused. I’m going to add that picture now just for grins.

      Again, thanks for all your help and blessings be with you, as well. You certainly were one to me!

  • Viola Cook

    Well I have to tell you that I would have made the same mistake, that sign is screwed up, they need to fix that! But at least you had an angel there to help you get turned around! What a beautiful park and site, even if it is for one night!

    • Thanks for confirming I’m not the only one to see the sign that way! I totally agree they should fix that to make it clearer, but that’s the only complaint I have about the whole campground – their signage sucks. Even signs into the different loops are lacking and there are no signs to tell you which range of sites are down each road of the loops. With one way roads, it’s no fun to keep circling around until you figure that out.

  • What an absolutely beautiful place to relax & unwind. It looks so peaceful & tranquil. It would be hard not to relax there. I came across your blog from a comment you left on a site about Disqus.

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the comment, and you are so right – this is a great place. I’m glad you enjoyed my visit, too. 🙂