Roosevelt State Park – Morton, Mississippi

May/30/2013 23 Malia Lane
Campgrounds, State Parks

My first state park in my new Kismet!  Roosevelt State Park – now this is the kind of campground I really prefer.  It’s convenient to I-20 but set far enough back so there’s no highway noise and such greenery is soothing to my soul.

Entrance road

 Entrance into the park – like driving through an enchanted forest.

CG - Cabins sign

But of course, what’s a new adventure without another misadventure, minor though it was.  I misinterpreted this sign, thought the orange arrow above Camping meant go that way for the campground.  Of course now I see that the orange arrow pointing right is meant to direct to Cabins and the arrow pointing left, next to the Camping sign tells me to stay left.

Ah, it’s only hindsight that’s golden, because once I committed to the turn, I quickly saw this road dead-ended at the lake with no turnaround.

Cabin turnaround

At least I’m getting lots of practice unhooking and hooking my car and backing up in tight spaces!

Me and Joseph

Luckily, an angel named Joseph appeared as I was unhooking and wondering how I could get turned around safely and with no more scratches on Kismet since it was pretty tight.  But he moved his truck from his driveway so I could pull forward, then he guided me in my backup trip so I could turn around, hook up again and head back the way I came.  Miracles and angels follow me around, I tell ya!  Bless you, Joseph!

Full site

Once I got to my site, it was all worth it, though.  I love having waterfront property!

Site 94

This premium site 94 is only available for one night, but I wanted it anyway.  It’s not that I wish anything bad on the person who has it reserved for the rest of the weekend, but if his plans change and he can’t make it, I won’t be sorry…  Checkout time is not until 2:00, so I have plenty of time.

Under awning

The view from under my awning is so peaceful.

My own private peninsula

Even my own tiny, private peninsula!

Kismet from peninsula

 View of Kismet from peninsula

Picnic table

My picnic table

Office window

View from my desk.  I do have client work to do tomorrow, but that’s what pays the bills for these pleasures, so I’m not complaining – especially with this kind of view to rest my computer-weary eyes.

Bedroom window open

Bedroom window open to the lake breezes through the pines – I bet I sleep good tonight!

Lake view

Wide view of lake – that white thing in the distance is their waterslide.

After I took these shots and it got dark, I went outside and watched fireflies flitting around and I think I heard a loon’s cry.  And let me tell you, it is dark – no light pollution here!  Although the cloud cover moved in so I can’t see stars tonight.  Even though I’ll probably have to move from this site tomorrow and they have no more lakefront sites available through the weekend, I’m glad I’ll be able to move to an interior site so I can walk the nature trail – I’ve been looking forward to that so much!

Now THIS is what fulltime RVing is all about, in my opinion!

For more pictures and comments, including my walk on the Lakeview Trail and pictures of the pool and waterslide area, see this public Facebook page (you don’t need a Facebook account to view.)

Morning Glory – birds’ serenade to go with the peaceful setting: