Oak Mountain State Park

I arrived at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama on Wednesday.  I thought it was pretty considerate for the threatening rainclouds to hold off letting go of their load of rain until I was completely set up and had just walked inside.

Rain upon arrival - 6-5-13

Even so, I appreciated the view from my windshield – a tall bank of trees, abundant green grass on the sides of the paved road and around the RV.  And even though it looks like standing water in front, it’s not – just where the gravel road starts after the pavement ends.  The site is well drained and I’m not worried about flooding.

Site 19 - Oak Mountain State Park

Here I am in Site 19, a long pull-through at the end of the road and very near a trail leading to the lake.  I love the combination of shade, surrounding greenery, but enough clearing so that I could easily pick up DirecTV.  No problems with internet access via my Verizon Jetpack or cell phone, either.

This is the first park I’ve been to since I bought Kismet that has 30 amp service only, so it gives me the chance to monitor and adjust my electricity usage, which has been easy.  It hasn’t been hot enough to have to run the A/C continuously, so during the day I just have the front one on and at night, just the one in the bedroom with the ceiling fan on works great.

No full hookups at this site, but there are some available for a few dollars more throughout the campground.  At $27.36 ($24 before tax and “hospitality fees”), I thought the rates for just W/E were high enough, so I decided to save a few bucks where I could.  I’m staying 4 nights, but am being careful enough with water so I won’t have to dump before I leave anyway.  They do give a 15% discount for those of us over 62, but only on weekday rates.  The daily rates for weekends go up to $30.78.


On Thursday, I drove into nearby Hoover to finally make my trip to WalMart for a needed bike tire pump and groceries.  I had tried to get into one twice on the way but never made it for one reason or another.

I remember when I first called the park, I was told not to rely on a GPS to get me to the main entrance because most of them want to take you in via the back way by the spillway.  She said coming that way in an RV is not recommended.

But since I was in the car now, I figured I’d go out the back way, which GPS said was shorter to get into town.

Spillway - back entrance to Oak Mountain State Park

But no way – even though it wasn’t raining and the water wasn’t rushing across the road, I just decided to turn around.  No sense putting my little new, low-to-the-ground car, Serendipity, to the test here!


Moccasin Wildlife Trail - Oak Mountain State Park

More scattered thunderstorms were forecast for today (Friday) so as soon as I was caught up with morning work, I walked over to the start of the nearby Moccasin Wildlife Trail, short and easy from my site.

Bridge on Moccasin Trail

I love bridges of all kinds, but these more funky, in the midst of nature, are my favorites.


And daisies dancing along streams are always welcome company!

Kismet seen from Moccasin Trail

But just about the time I was at the end of the little trail, I heard the sounds of thunder and was glad I was just a short distance from the RV.  You can see Kismet at the top of the clearing.  Again, my luck held out because the rain started within a minute of me walking in the door!


Tomorrow it looks like the skies will be a lot clearer, so I hope to do the 2 mile hike to Peavine Falls.  Description says it’s a moderate to difficult hike due to steep ascent.  It’s been quite a while since I did more than just the little easy nature walks, so wish me luck.  I bet with all the rain, it will be fast flowing, so I’m really looking forward to it!