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Mar/8/2011 22 Malia Lane
Michigan, RVing

I’m so happy that 2011 is finally the year of Pure Michigan for me!  Please check out my Michigan Dreaming website page for the beginnings of my planned itinerary and I hope you’ll share anything Michigan-eese!  I’d love to have your comments here on the blog or by email.

I’d really appreciate your input on all must-sees, but especially related to the state parks since my MotorHome magazine article focus will be on them – which ones are your favorites and why?

Below is a map of my entire trip.  Click to enlarge and let the sharing begin!

  • Salle A Wilson

    Malia, I’m so glad to see your going on the road again. You write a very interesting blog. I’ll certainly follow you.

    • Salle, good to hear from you again and thanks for the compliment! I just realized we weren’t officially “friends” on Facebook, so just sent a request to remedy that. Thanks again!

  • Marland Shockey

    Good luck Malias are you still in Pecan Grove…Marlandnnn

    • Hey Marland! Yes, I am – that’s where I’ve been the last 3 years. I still think of you when I walk by your old spot. You made it the best one in the park, in my opinion. Where are you and are you still kayaking?

  • Jim

    Malia – Good for you. I am very glad to see you are going to be on the move again. I will try to keep up with you. Congratulations on getting all that doubt out of your mind. Jim

    • Thanks so much Jim – I always appreciate your support and encouragement!

  • Daphne

    Hi again Malia,nYou certainly have some of the special spots in ‘our’ state lined up. If you’re here in lilac time we’ll still be around. How long do you plan to stay in the area? As I said before, October is best time for color. When you go to U.P. be sure to get some of the famous pasties – the kind you eat (short a) not the kind you might wear (long a) If you have your passport you might want to jog over into Canadian Soo – probably not with motor home but ??? More anon or via e-mail. Daphne

    • Daphne, I’m so glad to have you as a local RVer contact – as you can see from my outline, meeting you is on my itinerary! Best guess at this point is that I’d be in your area mid to late May. I plan on being there at least 2 weeks. From there, I’ll go up to UP and around the other side. I tried to set up the plan in order, but I have no idea how long each stop will take me, what delays might come up, other things to see I hadn’t planned on, etc. nnBut, yes, I hope to see the fall colors because that’s always a special treat for this southern gal. I want to take my time, but be sure to head out before the snow, that’s for sure! Thanks again for all your tips and we’ll keep in touch…

  • Malia, I dare not look in a mirror, I’m so green with envy! You are going to have so darn much fun, and Woody and I are delighted for you. We very nearly accepted a workamping job on Macinack Island a couple of years ago but family issues got in the way…. We do remember, back in ’04, driving across a dangerously windy Minnesota (Hwy. 10) on the way to our first workamping job in So. Dakota. We were evicted by a State Hwy. Patrol lady from our “safe” spot on the shoulder under an overpass. She sent us down the road to a town that boasted an 80 ft. statue of the Jolly Green Giant, where we took refuge for the night. All of this after an exciting tour of the Spam Museum in Austin, MN!!nI’m not sure when you plan on leaving Austin, but if you’re heading north on I35, passing through Hillsboro, we’re not far away and would love to meet you for a hamburger and a fond farewell from our fair State.nGenie & Woody

    • Hi Green Genie!nnI would LOVE to see y’all again, but I’m not heading out in that direction. Am going through Baton Rouge way to see family there, then on to SC, then on to MI. We’ll keep in touch and see when our paths may cross again. It happened all over Alaska, and since then in Austin, so I have faith!

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  • Jeannie Herford

    Do You recommend joining Good Sams Club.  I live in AZ but am home to Michigan where I will be traveling this summer starting next week.  You route is great and it looks like you will be near my home in the UP near De Tour Village, which is across from Drummond Island and the farthest East you can go in Michigan.  Your daughter from Progressive gave me your website.  Very impressive.  Also I am the same age, female and going on my own, so I will be keeping track of your adventures.  

    • Hi Jeannie – this is great!  My daughter just told me about you.  I will email you and we can keep in touch about MI and I’ll answer any questions you have.

      • Jeannie Herford

        Wow, that is great.  I am photographer and teach basic photography, computer and beginning and advanced Photoshop.  So I want to start setting up places that I can teach.  This is what I am working on this summer.  Michigan is beautiful and the summers and fall are wonderful.  Look forward to hearing from you.  Will be in Michigan next Wed.  Blessings, Jeannie

  • Fredndar

    Hi, I met you at the Nonesuch Gallery in Ontonagon.  You had a camera so you photoed Edna, owner/awesome quilt artist and me, the birch bark queen, with Kromer Caps on.  I hope you come to love the Porkies as much as we locals do!  Next time plan to come a little closer to the full color time..early October til mid month!  All of the warm orange yellows and reds make the Gitch and sky even bluer!  You do inspire with Malia’smiles! 
    Dar Fredrikson P.Sl Thanks, DNR, for a good idea to promote our area this way and for the Parks Passport.

    • Hey, Dar – it was sooo much fun to meet you at Edna’s gallery – loved talking to you two ladies!  The birch bark queen – I love it!

      I’m so in love with the Porkies and the people who live here.  Don’t think I could deal with the winters, though – I get really cranky when I get cold so I’d be a complete bitch the whole winter – LOL!  But I really do want to come back next year and stay longer for the colors.  I have to leave Sunday and know I will cry!  I haven’t dug through my notes to get your email address, and I don’t see you on Facebook, but I hope you will keep in touch because I’ll be back next year!

  • Robin

    I enjoyed the article about you in the Petoskey New-Review tonight. Seeing that you were from Austin caught my eye, my daughters moved from Michigan to Texas. You are an inspiration to all women!

    • Hi Robin, thanks so much for the comment and especially for using my favorite word “inspiration” in connection!  I assume you live in Petoskey – loved your town, but I too will be “moving on” to Texas before the snow flies here – LOL!

  • Lisa

    I’ve enjoyed exploring your site. I stumbled on it while searching for images of McLain State Park, MI to try to get a feel for what sites might suit us best from miles away. I really appreciate your photos and comments about the sites. And I admire you for going mobile solo. My Mom did legal and medical transcription for years before retiring and when I told her what you’ve done, she thought it might work for her as a way to fund her travels w/my Dad in their retirement. 
    I wish you all the best in your travels and thanks for your wonderful website!

    • Lisa, it means a lot to me that you took the time to let me know that my sites have been useful to you.  I hope your mom finds her way to make her own travel dreams come true.  Thanks again so much!

  • Tab

    You my dear are an amazing person friend and inspiration! Your site is a tremendous help to our travels and to actually know you personally is incredible. Over these many years you have never ceased to amaze me. Thanks for all you do for the RV’ing community!

    • Well, Tab, I could return the compliments to you and Deanna, who have been my “touchstones” and helped keep me sane and come to my rescue many times. Thank you, my friend!