Holly Recreation Area – Michigan Summer Kickoff

Jun/4/2011 3 Malia Lane
Michigan, State Parks

I made Holly Recreation Area my first stop in Michigan because I was invited to the Department of Natural Resources ‘Recreation 101: Intro to Summer’ today.  I am so impressed with Michigan’s determination to do whatever they can to make the state parks an enjoyable destination for residents and visitors alike.  The purpose of the day: “We’re rolling out the green carpet for anyone who wants to learn more about the great outdoors,” according to Maia Stephens, my DNR contact, who I was happy to meet for the first time today.  She’s been incredibly helpful to me in the planning stages of this extensive trip.

Ron Olson (Chief of the Parks & Recreation division), Rodney Stokes (DNR Director),
Little Ole’ Me and Maia Stephens (Recreation Programmer)

I was truly made to feel so welcome by these guys and really enjoyed the chance to talk with them about my plans for the entire summer in Michigan.

This is Lake Heron Beach, right down the road from the McGinnis Lake Campground where I’m staying.  I really enjoyed walking back and forth watching people having fun in the sun.

This is a collection of images showing some of the booths with activities and information about hiking, geocaching, photography and more fun stuff.

I was surprised by how hot it was today when I’d been able to have the windows open and was perfectly comfortable the last couple of days and even had to turn on the heater in the morning, but I hear that’s the norm for MI this time of year – you turn on both the A/C and the furnace in the same day.

I just had to wade in a little bit and the cool water felt absolutely wonderful!

The staff was well prepared with lots of cold water and even free yummy ice cream homemade by a local company.

It was really fun to watch the kids building sand castles and swinging right on the beach – what a great resource for parents!

Well, if this has been a preview of coming attractions in Michigan, I will most definitely be a happy camper this summer!