I’m Going to the Island!

Jul/16/2011 11 Malia Lane
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan
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OK, I’ve decided I can’t wait a day longer so I’m going to the island!  I’ve shown remarkable restraint for being officially the world’s most impatient person, but I wanted to finish all the pages I was doing on Hoeft before becoming totally immersed in Straits State Park and everything I want to explore in this area. But I finished Hoeft’s history page last night and as much as I really loved that park, I’m ready to “Be Here Now.”

I was going to go to Mackinac City today to look for the DVD of Somewhere in Time.  I looked all around St. Ignace with no luck, and I was told I could for sure get it in Mackinaw City, and probably cheaper than on the island.  I looked online and could get it for $5.00 from Amazon.  But I’m not willing to wait that long because I’m determined to see the movie again before seeing the hotel – it’s just one of those weird things I just want because I feel like it would be significant, even though I can’t rationally explain it.

So I’m taking Shepler’s Ferry over to the island today… but I’m still going to wait till next week for my tour of the Grand Hotel.

I am unbelievably excited because I’ve been invited to their famous Grand Luncheon Buffet and I’m also going to get a visit and tour from the historian of the hotel! A real testimony for “Ask and ye shall receive” but I swear, I’m still trying to digest this because I still can’t quite believe how long I’ve dreamed of seeing that hotel and Mackinac Island.  So I thought I’d start with baby steps and just take a day trip only to bike around the island for now – my heart can only take so much at one time – LOL!

So I’m going to buy the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of the movie at one of the shops on the island.  I’m going to come home tonight and watch it and cry like I have every other single time I’ve watched it – both with sadness for their parting and joy when they’re reunited – such a classic!

I’m also going to look for the music box I’ve coveted for so long.  I’ve already looked on the hotel’s website and their version is $500, and no way I can justify that kind of expense.  I’m hoping there will be a less “original” and more affordable copy somewhere else…

So off I go!

  • Viola Cook

    I just ordered the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition on e-bay, lol, you gotta see it before you go to the Grand, just to refresh your heart and memory! I totally understand your passion for the movie, I also have the same passion! Enjoy your island trip, you need a whole day just to see everything there and another day just to see everything at the Grand!  If you get a chance check out the Mustang lounge, it is kind of on a side street, but it is our favorite little stop!

    • I loved it so much I actually got teary eyed when the ferry was pulling away – I’m such a sap!  🙂  Thanks, Vi – so cool that you understand and “get” where I’m coming from!

  • darrell_g42

    Wow, you made it. I can understand about needing to see the movie again before you go there. It makes sense to me. Do they still make you dress up fancy for eating at the Hotel?
    Be sure to take a penny with you when you visit, cause you just really never know.
    Hope you have a great time.

    • Darrell, so glad you’re still with me – how cool!  I did get my DVD and paid over 3x what I could have gotten it for from Amazon, but I can watch it tonight, I got it from the island – AND from the shop that was seen in the movie where Richard got the old pennies – how fine is that???

    • Oh, and as for your question, I understand you don’t have to dress up for the luncheon, but do for evening.  At first I thought you just had to dress up for the fancy restaurant for dinner, but per their website: “The Grand Hotel experience includes dressing up for dinner. Evening wear is required in all areas of the hotel: coat and tie for gentlement; dresses or pantsuits for ladies after 6:30.”  I won’t be stayng for dinner but will dress a little nicer than usual when I go for luncheon…

  • Greg

    Mack Isl is great.  Look for the Boy Scouts and the BS barracks up behind the Fort.  I spent a week there 2 summers in a row – called the Gov’s Honor Guard.  They let us swim in the GH pool a couple times during the week.  Plus Roxane and I spent our honeymoon there – not in the Grand tho!  If you have time for a bike ride around the island, it’s a great time.  After being up there, you’ll never forget the smell of Northern MI cedar trees…..

    We’re crossing over to AK for the 3rd time from Dawson in a couple days – TOW Hwy here we come!

    • Hey Greg,

      So glad to hear you & Roxane have made it to Alaska – yippee for you two!

      I haven’t had a chance to update the blog yet – just going thru all the amazing pics from yesterday at this point – but I did do the whole 8 miles around the island! It had been a long time since I had ridden a bike that far but other than a little bit of sore butt and knees, I held up pretty well! 🙂

      I’m actually going back tomorrow with a couple of friends for the carriage ride and Wings of Mackinac. I’ll say hello to your old Boy Scouts haunts for you!

      Thanks for keeping in touch – let me know how it’s going in Alaska!

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  • Jen James

    I had the opportunity to go this year! What a wonderful experience. I probably met the same historian that you mentioned. I also got to see the replicated music box that’s in the movie! It must have taken them a while to make it. I entered the raffle but didn’t get it unfortunately.

    • I don’t remember there being a raffle for the music box – that’s pretty cool to at least have a chance at it because there’s no way I could afford to buy it. Sorry you didn’t win it, either!