Douglas Dam and Skybridge

Jul/10/2013 2 Malia Lane
Tennessee Trip - Great Smokies

Day Trippin’ in Tennessee

On Monday the rain finally let up and I ventured out to see the nearby Skybridge because my cute waiter at Bistro 109 said they had great views.

Skybridge at Adrenaline Park

The Skybridge is located at Adrenaline Park in Sevierville, TN.  Mountain Dew built it here as a commemoration of their history in the Smokies.  They say it’s the longest known skybridge and it has several glass bottom panels at the end.

Skybridge glass floor panel

Here I am standing on one of the glass floor panels.  It’s strong, but it does shake a little, so still a little spooky looking straight down a long way to the tall treetops.

Me on Skybridge

A nice couple took my picture at the end, still standing on the glass panels.  It really does have fantastic views with the French Broad River, and the beautiful Smoky Mountains in the distance.  They do have ziplines across the river and jetboats on it, but once that couple told me about Douglas Dam and how most of the floodgates were open (a very rare occurrence) due to all the rain we’ve had, I was ready to head that way.


Douglas Dam

It was completed in 1942, is 202′ high and 1,705′ in length.  More info from Tennessee Valley Authority

Douglas Dam - view from bridge

My first view was driving over the bridge.  I was glad there was a little pull-off on one end where I parked and walked over to take this picture.

Douglas Dam showing Douglas Lake

There are several spots with different viewpoints from top to bottom, some with nice picnic areas.  This shows Douglas Lake spilling over into the French Broad River.

Douglas Lake and Dam - upper view

Another view farther away from the upper viewpoint and picnic area.  It was such a perfect day complete with interesting clouds framing the amazing Smoky Mountains.

Me at Douglas Dam - lower level

Me at the lower level.  Everyone I met here remarked how rare it is for eight gates to be open at once.  Several people said they have lived around here all their lives and have never seen this.  But unusually large rainfall totals in a short period of time made it necessary – and a lucky day for me!

Turbine at base of Douglas Dam

This huge turbine sits on a pedestal at the base of the dam.  It was fun walking around here, watching people and the birds fish.

Short YouTube video with sights and sounds:
(more details seen in full screen mode)

Douglas Lake

Douglas Lake is quite beautiful and was really showing that off today.

Douglas Lake swimming

It also features lots of recreational opportunities.  This swimming area is near one of the campgrounds near the reservoir  – there’s one at the tailwater and another at the headwater that I’d like to check out sometime during my Tennessee summer.