Cove Hardwood Nature Trail

April 27, 2014 – The first time I had ever been on this trail was during Tremont’s Spring Wildflower Photography Workshop.  I didn’t get nearly enough of it then, so went back for more before the flowers weren’t as plentiful.  This is a .75 mile loop accessed by the Chimneys picnic area off of Newfound Gap Road within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Cove Hardwood - trail

It’s not a difficult trail, but there are steps and rocky places to traverse.

Cove Hardwood - bridge

And of course some rustic little bridges to cross – always happy to see them.

Cove Hardwood - cascades

Don’t just look for the big pictures, though.  These are actually tiny cascades almost hidden among the mossy rocks.

Cove Hardwood - wildflowers 1

Tiny wildflowers are abundant all over the forest floor.

Cove Hardwood - wildflowers 2

These larger White Trillium are a bit more show-offy.

Cove Hardwood - wildflowers 3

I loved how these looked with the mossy fallen tree as backdrop.

Cove Hardwood - tree planter

This was one of my favorite scenes – a rotted out tree serving as a natural planter.

Cove Hardwood - mossy tree

This one was fun to visit with, too, though.

Chimney - Cove Hardwood Nature Trail

Definitely can’t get enough of these gorgeous trails and wildflowers!