Oct/14/2014 2 Malia Lane

“Scarlett on the Square” 18 Whitlock Avenue ♦ Marietta, GA ♦ 770-794-5576 Museum Website ♦ Facebook page One of the best obsessions I ever got from my mother and my favorite memories shared with her as I was growing up in New Orleans was going to see Gone With the Wind every time it came […]

Oct/11/2014 1 Malia Lane

Georgia Aquarium 225 Baker Street NW Atlanta, GA 30313 (404) 581-4000 When I asked friends for suggestions on what to see while I was in Atlanta, several said not to miss the Georgia Aquarium.  What brought me here was to see the Gone With the Wind Museum in Marietta and honestly, I was more in […]

May/30/2013 5 Malia Lane

I enjoyed my stop at the Mississippi Visitor’s Center.  I always like to pick up brochures when I’m entering a new state and this was an especially nice one. At the rear, graceful, curved stairs and columned porch – loved it! Period pieces lend a nice touch. Depictions of typical Union and Confederate soldiers’ uniforms […]

Mar/2/2013 0 Malia Lane
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Last night I posted to Facebook that my day had felt like a roller coaster ride: “I’ve had one hell of a roller coaster ride day. I just can’t go into detail now because so much is still up in the air and everything has been changing like wildfire all day long. But I came […]

May/29/2011 10 Malia Lane

Below are links to Malia’s Miles full web pages I did on my visit to this area.  I had a blast but am heading out tomorrow! On the way to my Michigan Summer of 2011, I planned just a quick stop in Point Pleasant. But I wound up really liking the city park campground there, Krodel Park, and […]

May/8/2011 2 Malia Lane

May 7, 2011 I was first introduced virtually to Dr. Gary Benfield by my brother, Johnny, in 2009 when they were neighbors on Lake Murray. Now semi-retired after having practiced neonatology for 35 years, Gary still writes a weekly medical column, The Baby Beat.  When he was looking for someone to help him with the […]

May/3/2011 3 Malia Lane

For my stay in Camden, SC for a visit with my family, I chose Columbia/Camden RV Park because it is only 7 miles from my brother’s house.  When I pulled in on April 18, I was parked next to another motorhome, but it was over a week later before I finally met my neighbors.  As we began to […]

Nov/29/2009 2 Malia Lane

You ever have so much junk spinning around in your brain that you can’t think straight enough to even begin to convey anything coherent? As good a writer as people think I am, I just have not been able to find the words to explain how confused and overwhelmed I feel by life right now. […]

Feb/2/2009 0 Malia Lane

2008 was a blur of activity with family, health and RV repair issues, but a vast wasteland as far as my having a positive attitude and being really happy with my life. In almost the entire year I have been back in Austin, no matter how much or how little was going on, I just […]

Dec/30/2007 0 Malia Lane

I created Inspiration’s Journey (Malia’s RV.com) simply as a way to let family and friends know where I was when I started fulltime RVing in 2001. It was easier and I could post more pictures than sending individual emails out. It never crossed my mind that people I didn’t know would come across the site […]