I thought this was too cool not to share.  I was just trying to answer an email from a woman who asked so many questions my head was spinning just reading them.  Basically she wants to become a solo fulltime RVer but she’s scared: of not having enough money, of her adult kids not having […]

Feb/7/2011 23 Malia Lane
Family, RVing, Spirituality

That’s the screaming question in my head these days as I’m getting me and the RV ready to travel again.  That’s what I ask myself when I get that anxious feeling in my stomach as I’m researching routes and places to stay, initially for the stay in SC, and then for the summer in Michigan.  […]

Jan/31/2011 1 Malia Lane
Family, Spirituality

On a practical level, I’m working on the details to get mom moved to my brother’s house in South Carolina.  Just getting to that decision was pretty tough.  But the most consistent thing we’ve been told by the pros about mom’s condition since the last round of hospitalizations, skilled nursing and physical therapy, is that […]

Jan/31/2011 1 Malia Lane

That’s the diagnosis I’ve given myself to explain how poor I’ve been feeling.  Disconnected but yet not off the hook – that’s how I feel about my relationship with God and everyone else.  Where are you, Father – how dare you abandon me at the worst possible time in my life?  I used to be […]