July 23, 2015:  After my RV windshield was shattered on July 14 (see RV Windshield Woes), I was glad I could still get out in my car to explore while waiting for that windshield to be replaced. Little did I know before that could even be done, I would be batting two for two and […]

Jul/19/2015 8 Malia Lane
RV Repairs, RVing, Setbacks

July 15, 2015 – Shocking intrusion into my motorhome! (Offending lug nut seen on dash.) In my last post, I told about my one night stay at Rainbow Point Forest Service Campground, having been referred there by an uninformed camp host at Baker’s Hole. I decided I would stop by Baker’s Hole on my way […]

Feb/28/2014 9 Malia Lane
Fulltime RVing, RV Repairs, Setbacks

That’s the question I’m faced with now on my 2012 Winnebago Adventurer (bought in May, 2013). While I’m the second owner, it only had the 1,500 miles from the factory since the original owner changed his mind before driving it.  The factory warranty expired in September, 2013, before the following issue was discovered. While at […]

I got an email from a woman the other day saying she admired my “guts” in getting out there as a solo woman in a 36′ RV and towing a car to boot. She said she’s spent days reading my blog and websites and while she has always wanted to travel like I do, she […]

Mar/2/2013 0 Malia Lane
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Last night I posted to Facebook that my day had felt like a roller coaster ride: “I’ve had one hell of a roller coaster ride day. I just can’t go into detail now because so much is still up in the air and everything has been changing like wildfire all day long. But I came […]

Feb/25/2013 0 Malia Lane
Inspirational, RVing, Setbacks

I’m having to remind myself lately of a lot of things that inspired me to start my fulltime RVing lifestyle despite the many seemingly “reasonable” reasons why I’ve felt that part of my life should be let go. I’ve been hearing a bunch from people who wonder why I haven’t been updating this blog.  Besides […]

Sep/20/2011 4 Malia Lane
Michigan, Setbacks

Today I intended to do a pretty quick tour of Fayette Historic State Park, about 35 miles from Indian Lake State Park where I’m now camped.  Then I would come back for the quick raft ride at the Big Spring (Kitchitikipi) at Palms Book State Park, only about 5 miles from the campground. I intended […]

Aug/2/2011 16 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues, Setbacks

It’s raining now, but it’s a nice, soft and gentle rain.  Other than the sounds of the drops on my roof, the campground is quiet.  After the Ford Escape drama yesterday, I am safe in my motorhome, I assume my car will be fixed and I have a free rental car in the meantime. I fully understand and appreciate how […]