Apr/20/2015 0 Malia Lane
Scenic Byways

April 18, 2015 I just didn’t get my fill of the Texas Hill Country Wildflower show that has been going crazy this time of year. During my last trip out with some friends a couple of days ago, we didn’t have time to visit Luckenbach, something I’ve never done despite all the time I lived […]

Apr/19/2015 1 Malia Lane
Scenic Byways

April 16, 2015: While I’m having work done on my motorhome at Texas Custom Coach in preparation for my big trip to Yellowstone this summer, I met up with a couple of new friends for a day gawking at the glorious wildflowers alongside the roads of the Texas Hill Country – a beautiful blooming day! […]

I’m doing a comprehensive review of what all I saw and where I stayed while on the Natchez Trace Parkway on MaliasMiles.com, but I’ll do some recaps here on the blog with different pictures and more personal insights and stories. October 27, 2014 –  I took off from Fall Creek Falls State Park and entered […]

The table below have my planned stops when I was still researching my trip south down the Trace.  As of October 27, 2014, I’m there!  Here’s the link to the index page on the website where I’ll be posting lots of pictures and details of this journey. Malia’s Miles – Natchez Trace Parkway Comments below […]

On Tuesday, I had a whole day to explore – rare for me on weekdays due to client work necessary to keep the gas tank filled.  I have seen so many gorgeous places more than once, but today I felt the need to be on a scenic road I’d never been on before – that’s […]