Dec/25/2017 2 Malia Lane
Family, Fulltime RVing

I woke up on this Christmas morning thinking of my grandkids and great grandkids opening their presents and wishing I could see that. This is just one of the holidays I’m not with them since I gave in to my wanderlust and fulfilled my lifelong dream of travel in 2001. I realized that the first […]

Jul/16/2016 14 Malia Lane
Arizona, Fulltime RVing, Health Issues, RV Repairs

Since I’ve had so many questions lately about why I’m still in Sedona despite the oppressive heat and wonderful pictures and invites from my friends in cooler Colorado, I started working on a blog post about all the beautiful things I’ve been experiencing here and how I just wasn’t ready to leave because I hadn’t […]

I thought this was too cool not to share.  I was just trying to answer an email from a woman who asked so many questions my head was spinning just reading them.  Basically she wants to become a solo fulltime RVer but she’s scared: of not having enough money, of her adult kids not having […]

Mar/2/2016 2 Malia Lane
Arizona, Fulltime RVing, RVing

February 27, 2016 – Do you believe in messages from music like I do? I woke up worried this morning (what else – money!).  But instead of indulging those fears, I decided to head to Oatman again (click for website page I did for lots more pictures there), then take scenic historic Route 66 to […]

Dec/9/2015 0 Malia Lane
Fulltime RVing, Oregon, RVing

Dec. 8, 2015:  It’s funny how sometimes a simple single event can drop you down a rabbit hole of memories and revelations that take you places you wouldn’t have imagined at the outset. When I began researching the idea of fulltime RVing way back in 2001, one of the first things I heard about was […]

Apr/8/2015 12 Malia Lane
Austin, Fulltime RVing, RVing

My last post in January was all about The Big Letting Go – the process of clearing out all my stuff to get ready to sell the duplex I owned with my mom. It took a lot out of me both physically and emotionally to part with the stuff I didn’t want to let go […]

Jan/9/2015 9 Malia Lane
Favorite Memories, Fulltime RVing, RVing

Once I got back to Austin from my last big tour of the Natchez Trace Parkway, I was looking forward to visits with family, but dreading the business of selling the duplex.  I’ve debated several times over the years about selling it but always got so conflicted and confused, I kept holding on to that […]

Dec/23/2014 7 Malia Lane
Family, Fulltime RVing

In reading questions from people wanting to become fulltime RVers, one of the most frequent concerns is all the stuff they have – what to keep and what to get rid of – whether to pay for storage or just let everything go. In 2001 when I started fulltime RVing it took a few garage […]

Dec/2/2014 19 Malia Lane
Family, Favorite Memories, Fulltime RVing

My mama, Bertha LeBlanc Quimby, left this earthly life on Sunday, November 23, 2014.  She was 88 years old and her physical body and mental capacity had declined to such an extent that near the end we all prayed for her release from the pain she had been in for too long. Once she told […]

I’m doing a comprehensive review of what all I saw and where I stayed while on the Natchez Trace Parkway on, but I’ll do some recaps here on the blog with different pictures and more personal insights and stories. October 27, 2014 –  I took off from Fall Creek Falls State Park and entered […]

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