Jul/16/2013 6 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues

Since I’m still getting emails from readers of this blog and my website about the nightmare that began with my trusting Ford’s representation that the 2009 Ford Escape was flat towable, I wanted to post my last update here.  It details my last interactions with Ford’s not-so-helpful customer service people and how I finally was […]

May/21/2013 1 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues, RVing

Great News! After a long period of research and trying to decide whether to keep my first motorhome (my “Inspiration“) – (“The Great Motorhome Debate“) — I finally decided to do what I really wanted in my heart and bought a new-to-me motorhome! I’m still getting it all ready to hit the road, so until […]

Apr/30/2013 0 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues

An RVing friend of mine sent me the email included below in October of last year and I completely forgot I had never posted it, so in the spirit of better late than never, I’m going to do that now, following my own comments. I guess this issue is back in the forefront of my […]

Aug/3/2011 14 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues

I wish I knew the answer that question.  More than anything I wish I could believe that I could answer it definitively with a resounding, “Yes!” Why Did My Axle Fall Off? I really wish that the axle falling off as I posted on Ford Escape Problems Even Worse Now was not due to the negligence of […]

Aug/2/2011 16 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues, Setbacks

It’s raining now, but it’s a nice, soft and gentle rain.  Other than the sounds of the drops on my roof, the campground is quiet.  After the Ford Escape drama yesterday, I am safe in my motorhome, I assume my car will be fixed and I have a free rental car in the meantime. I fully understand and appreciate how […]

Aug/1/2011 13 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues, RVing

Today, while turning a corner, I heard a jolting noise and the car stopped – just past the intersection, but still blocking other traffic trying to turn.  My first thought was “Oh, oh, I had hoped my transmission problem was fixed, but apparently it’s rearing it’s ugly head again!” Just last night I received an email […]

May/4/2011 71 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues, RVing

I’ve decided to post my experience with towing the 2009 Ford Escape here in hopes that by drawing attention to the issues I’ve had, it will help others and maybe get some definitive help from Ford and assurance that this car is indeed safe to be flat towed per the representations by the dealer and in the […]

2/17/10 But then again, so do the angels continue to appear, thank God… So I took the car to the Ford dealer today to get the transmission fluid checked. See my post below about how all that came about. My cousins and I thought that the transmission fluid had just bubbled over since it was […]