Oct/8/2014 3 Malia Lane
Depression, Health Issues

October 6, 2014 – After saying goodbye to my 88 year old mom last week for what I imagine to be the last time given her worsening condition, I’m having a hard time getting back into happy travel mode.  Even though no physical condition at the moment is life-threatening, the doctors say there’s really no […]

Yesterday I had to do some shopping, but decided to take the long, scenic route to Maryville to see how spring was coming along.  I stopped to cross a scenic swinging bridge (never can resist those), then headed out for the Foothills Parkway because I hadn’t been back there since fall colors were strutting their […]

I got an email from a woman the other day saying she admired my “guts” in getting out there as a solo woman in a 36′ RV and towing a car to boot. She said she’s spent days reading my blog and websites and while she has always wanted to travel like I do, she […]