I was bewitched by Cades Cove from the first time I entered that 11 mile loop in July, 2013.  I was so enchanted that I knew I wanted to see more than I could if I spent just the summer having to divide my time with all the many other attractions of the Smoky Mountains. […]

April 24, 2014 – Even though I’ve been obsessed with Cades Cove since I started exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I always passed by the side road, Rich Mountain (Stop 8), which is adjacent to the Missionary Baptist Church (Stop 7). Since it’s a one-way road that goes back to Townsend with no […]

Date of Visit:  July, 2013 The cemeteries adjacent to the churches I visited during my first tour of the 11 mile scenic loop at Cades Cove were very interesting and shed light into the history (and mystery) of this area and the people who lived and died here.       I definitely recommend walking […]

I arrived in Tennessee in mid June and I’ve seen some amazing sights already.  I decided to start with this incredible 11 mile scenic loop.  There’s a lot packed into this 11 miles, folks, so allow a lot of time to fully explore and appreciate the scenery, wildlife and history of this beautiful area. I […]