Cataract Falls

(Hike done in February, 2014. – I’m just trying to get caught up!)

This is probably the easiest of waterfalls to reach within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The short (1/2 mile) dirt trail is easy and accessed in back of the Sugarlands Visitors Center.

Cataract Falls - trail

The trail hugs the Little River most of the way.

Cataract Falls - bridge 2

I love little bridges like this.

Cataract Falls - bridge

…and this one

Cataract Falls - tree

Interesting trees along the way. I think this one looks like an elephant but with its parts a bit confused.

Cataract Falls - twisted limbs

An octopus climbing out of the Little River??

Cataract Falls

The main attraction!

I plan to do more strenuous hikes, but I love these little ones that you can do on the spur of the moment without a lot of time or effort, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Smokies.