The Big Letting Go

Jan/9/2015 9 Malia Lane
Favorite Memories, Fulltime RVing

Letting GoOnce I got back to Austin from my last big tour of the Natchez Trace Parkway, I was looking forward to visits with family, but dreading the business of selling the duplex.  I’ve debated several times over the years about selling it but always got so conflicted and confused, I kept holding on to that semblance of “security” as a safety net – and also wanting to leave it to my daughter as inheritance.  But like many other planned events in my perfect world view, that didn’t work out the way I hoped.  Now there are several reasons that selling it is necessary since my mama died.  And letting go of the duplex also means getting rid of everything I didn’t want to part with at that time and had stored in a 10×10 building in my back yard.

When I took off in 2001, I didn’t know for sure if I’d really like RVing or how long I’d want to do it, so I was hedging my bet by keeping things I knew would be hard to replace or had sentimental value.  As I said in my last post about Selling All My Stuff – Again, doing stained glass panels had been a real passion and hobby of mine, so I stored all of that equipment knowing that I’d want to take that up again if I settled down.  The other day I sold my  wonderful custom work table and all the glass I had accumulated for pennies on the dollar for what I paid.  But I’m grateful that it did sell and especially that it went to a nice young couple just starting the hobby and they were so thrilled to get it all at such a deal.

stay or goThis is not the first time I’ve really searched my heart to determine if I really wanted to continue RVing or if I should just settle down again.  I could do another pros and cons list to outline all the practical elements, but it always came down to the impractical, emotion-based fact that I just wasn’t ready to stop traveling and I certainly had not seen enough of this beautiful country.

It’s a bit of an emotional tug to sell the duplex because it was the first home I’d ever owned and it held great memories for both me and my mom. I don’t see me ever owning another “real” house, and that made me think about the differences in my rolling home vs. the sticks & bricks variety.  Of course I know sticks & bricks has more room and that usually they appreciate instead of depreciate in value.

On the other hand, it can’t take me to places that my rolling home has and let me have all the comforts of home wherever I choose to be.

There were times I enjoyed yard work in the spring, but even if I could spend every weekend and thousands of dollars on yard work and grass, I could never match the “yards” I had during my travels.  So while going through possessions and memories of the past in the form of stuff I accumulated, I also went through the memories of some of my travels to keep me motivated:

Sea Otter - Valdez AK

I think the most exciting sighting I ever had in a yard was this bald eagle flying over my home in Valdez, Alaska.

Homer Spit moonrise

The views from my living room window can be pretty amazing, too – like this moonrise in Homer, Alaska.

Cottonwood RV Park & Me

As you can tell, having waterfront property is always a big plus to me.  Here on Kluane Lake, I pulled up so close to the edge, from inside looking through the windshield, it looked like you were on a boat.

Seward AK

Here in Seward, the views were spectacular.

Athabasca Glacier

Coming back on the Icefields Parkway, having Athabasca Glacier as my nearest neighbor was pretty cool, too!

Porkies - Union Bay

During my summer of 2011 touring around the Great Lakes of Michigan, one of my all-time favorite spots anywhere was the Porcupine Mountains and my great relationship with Lake Superior at Union Bay Campground.

Cades Cove

But even when there are no waterfront sites around, the woodsy fall beauty of Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee turned out to be my favorite stay anywhere.  It was a unique set of circumstances that had me there during the ridiculous government shutdown in October, 2013.  Being Confined in Cades Cove was one of the best things that ever happened to me – bears galore!

So I remind myself of these things and places and wonderful people I met there.  And I can honestly say I have no regrets about my decision to start fulltime RVing.

As for the house, I do have regrets and wish I would have done some things differently.  But who knows – maybe it wouldn’t have been better anyway.   But no matter what, all I can do now is go on down the road.

When I firsfreedomt took off in 2001 on Inspiration’s Journey, my theme song was “Arms Wide Open” by Creed.  These days I find myself humming a different tune, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.”

As hard as the process is, I know I’ll be glad to leave here completely untethered and more free than I have been even when I first took off.

Yellowstone and Glacier National Park is still the freedom call for the summer of 2015!