Jul/31/2011 5 Malia Lane

The main local attraction I wanted to see while staying at Brimley State Park was the Soo Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan’s oldest city.  I had heard about this and thought it sounded interesting, but especially after seeing so many of these huge ships go by at various places I’ve been, I wanted to […]

Jul/31/2011 4 Malia Lane
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island

July 22, 2011 I knew the main attraction for me while staying at Straits State Park was going to be the Grand Hotel.  I held out for as long as I could because I wanted to be totally immersed in the experience, so I made sure I had toured Mackinac Island by foot, bike and carriage before venturing […]

Jul/25/2011 0 Malia Lane

When I first arrived at Straits State Park and started exploring around my new home territory, I drove by the St. Ignace Deer Ranch.  Since deer are my all-time favorite animals, I wasn’t about to pass up this chance to get up close and personal with these beautiful and gentle creatures. My timing was especially […]

Jul/24/2011 3 Malia Lane
Mackinac Island, Michigan

While you can visit Fort Mackinac as a separate deal, I made this a stop at the end of the Mackinac Island Carriage Tour.  It was a perfect top-off of a great day on historic Mackinac Island! From the moment I was greeted by this beautiful Victorian lady, I could pretend I was being swept […]

Jul/21/2011 4 Malia Lane
Mackinac Island, Michigan

Wings of Mackinac is a stop I’m glad I made while on the Mackinac Island Carriage Tour. How could I pass up such a charming entrance and welcoming turtle? And it is like entering a miniature magical world filled with fairies, flowers and flittering friends – meet some below… Being so close to these gentle […]

Jul/20/2011 4 Malia Lane
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan

July 18, 2011 During my first trip to Mackinac Island, I walked around till my feet hurt, then biked around till my butt hurt, so this time when I went back, I opted to let the horses of Mackinac Island Carriage Tours cart me around for a while… Your carriage awaits M’lady! It was especially great […]

Jul/19/2011 7 Malia Lane
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan

July 16, 2011 When I first got to my homebase at Straits State Park, I gushed in my post “I’m Going to the Island” that I just couldn’t wait to get to Mackinac Island.  I could justify waiting for my tour of the Grand Hotel because there was something exquisitely delicious in just a little longer delay in […]

Jul/18/2011 0 Malia Lane
Grand Hotel, Michigan

I just had to share this weird twist to my determination to see the movie Somewhere in Time again before I go back to the island for my tour of the Grand Hotel.  As I said in my last post on Saturday “I’m Going to the Island” my plan was to get the movie and watch […]

Jul/16/2011 11 Malia Lane
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan

OK, I’ve decided I can’t wait a day longer so I’m going to the island!  I’ve shown remarkable restraint for being officially the world’s most impatient person, but I wanted to finish all the pages I was doing on Hoeft before becoming totally immersed in Straits State Park and everything I want to explore in […]

Jul/13/2011 2 Malia Lane

July 9, 2011 The first time I saw the brochure for the Alpena Shipwreck Tour, I was staying at Harrisville State Park, about 30 miles away.  I was immediately attracted to the idea of just being on that beautiful expanse of Lake Huron, much less getting the chance to view some of the underwater wreckage of ships like those […]

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