May/29/2011 10 Malia Lane

Below are links to Malia’s Miles full web pages I did on my visit to this area.  I had a blast but am heading out tomorrow! On the way to my Michigan Summer of 2011, I planned just a quick stop in Point Pleasant. But I wound up really liking the city park campground there, Krodel Park, and […]

May/23/2011 4 Malia Lane
State Parks

After all the troubles with my Ford Escape, I was really ready for a retreat-like location when the car was finally fixed.  My first destination was  Paris Mountain State Park.  I figured this would be good for a double dose of relaxation therapy – a woodsy green park to stay at and the great City of […]

May/11/2011 6 Malia Lane

Johnny and Lois had taken my mom to Swan Lake before when my Aunt Wilma was visiting, so I was glad they wanted to return while I was here.  It’s definitely my kind of place as swans are some of my very favorite creatures and here is the only place in the world where you […]

May/8/2011 2 Malia Lane

May 7, 2011 I was first introduced virtually to Dr. Gary Benfield by my brother, Johnny, in 2009 when they were neighbors on Lake Murray. Now semi-retired after having practiced neonatology for 35 years, Gary still writes a weekly medical column, The Baby Beat.  When he was looking for someone to help him with the […]

May/4/2011 71 Malia Lane
Ford Escape - Towing Issues

I’ve decided to post my experience with towing the 2009 Ford Escape here in hopes that by drawing attention to the issues I’ve had, it will help others and maybe get some definitive help from Ford and assurance that this car is indeed safe to be flat towed per the representations by the dealer and in the […]

May/3/2011 3 Malia Lane

For my stay in Camden, SC for a visit with my family, I chose Columbia/Camden RV Park because it is only 7 miles from my brother’s house.  When I pulled in on April 18, I was parked next to another motorhome, but it was over a week later before I finally met my neighbors.  As we began to […]