Apr/25/2011 2 Malia Lane

Mom started her day with her own Easter basket and she looked every bit as excited as any little kid on Easter morning! Definitely the most direct path to my mom’s heart is chocolate, with a few “peeps” thrown in to really help her diabetes!  Oh well, as she says, “If I can’t have my […]

Apr/20/2011 6 Malia Lane

I’ve been thinking about all the changes that both me and my mom have gone through since she moved to SC in January and since I left Austin on the 12th.  She still says what she misses the most is seeing the kids growing up (and of course getting cuter and cuter).  I know that’s […]

Apr/17/2011 11 Malia Lane

April 15:  Coming into Alabama, I had scoped out two possible end-of-day stays, depending on how I felt at the time. Choice was either I-10 Kampground or get 30 miles farther up the road to I-65 Campground.  By the time I got to the first one, I decided I was tired enough to stop, plus […]

Apr/14/2011 6 Malia Lane

I feel like such a wuss today because here it is only 2 days on the road and I’m tired and got a bit stressed yesterday, so I’m taking the day off already! Nothing really major and I got to Baton Rouge okay, but once I arrived at the campground and unhooked my car, it wouldn’t […]

Apr/12/2011 29 Malia Lane

Wow – I’m actually sitting in my RV and it’s NOT parked in Austin!  It’s been so long since I could say that… but really I don’t know if I’ll be totally convinced I’m really fulltime RVing again until I get past Louisiana at least.  The only trips I’ve taken since I landed in Austin […]