Jan/20/2018 0 Malia Lane
National Parks

I woke up this morning to the news of yet another government shutdown. Oh, our elected officials who are supposedly working for our benefit still get paid, but countless other working class citizens don’t have that same security. The last time I woke up to that news was in 2013 when I was actually camped […]

Dec/25/2017 2 Malia Lane
Family, Fulltime RVing

I woke up on this Christmas morning thinking of my grandkids and great grandkids opening their presents and wishing I could see that. This is just one of the holidays I’m not with them since I gave in to my wanderlust and fulfilled my lifelong dream of travel in 2001. I realized that the first […]

May/6/2017 4 Malia Lane

I think everybody needs a “cool and crazy” uncle in their lives and my Uncle Curtis fit that bill to a T for me. I don’t know what year the picture above was taken, but today is his Memorial Service in New Orleans. And as much as I will always honor and remember him, I […]

Feb/27/2017 4 Malia Lane
Alabama, Natchez Trace Parkway, State Parks

I know I haven’t posted to this blog in quite a while. I use this site for personal updates that may or may not relate to fulltime RVing, but it’s been all I can do lately to keep up with my main MaliasMiles.com website where I share info on campgrounds and other explorations. Tom Hendrix […]

Aug/1/2016 4 Malia Lane
Misadventures on the road, RV Repairs

July 31, 2016:  The other day I noticed that sometimes the toilet will keep trickling water after it is flushed. At first, it was easy enough just to nudge the foot pedal up a little to seat it more securely, so I went with my usual course of procrastination, although I started looking around for […]

Jul/16/2016 14 Malia Lane
Arizona, Fulltime RVing, Health Issues, RV Repairs

Since I’ve had so many questions lately about why I’m still in Sedona despite the oppressive heat and wonderful pictures and invites from my friends in cooler Colorado, I started working on a blog post about all the beautiful things I’ve been experiencing here and how I just wasn’t ready to leave because I hadn’t […]

I thought this was too cool not to share.  I was just trying to answer an email from a woman who asked so many questions my head was spinning just reading them.  Basically she wants to become a solo fulltime RVer but she’s scared: of not having enough money, of her adult kids not having […]

Apr/4/2016 2 Malia Lane
Arizona, Family

April 3, 2016 – Yesterday was not only a blue sky day, it was a flying high day!  I’ve had the nasty kind of blues dealing with the gloom and doom issues surrounding the Norcold refrigerator failures, fires and ineffective recalls and I felt like I’d been living under a dark cloud of frustration. I’ve […]

Mar/2/2016 2 Malia Lane
Arizona, Fulltime RVing, RVing

February 27, 2016 – Do you believe in messages from music like I do? I woke up worried this morning (what else – money!).  But instead of indulging those fears, I decided to head to Oatman again (click for website page I did for lots more pictures there), then take scenic historic Route 66 to […]

Feb/24/2016 0 Malia Lane
Hikes - Trails, Nevada

February 20, 2016 – While staying at Needles Marina RV Park in California, a friend and I did this little hike near Laughlin, Nevada at Grapevine Canyon.  From info sign: Grapevine Canyon, located within Spirit Mountain, is one of the earliest and largest petroglyph sites in Southern Nevada. This remote canyon is sacred to the […]

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