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Flat Towing Problems

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issues began

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Melt down after the
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Timeline of my problems

My Escape from the Ford

Ford Escape - Flat Towing Problems:

Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

This post on Ford Forums Online lists a lot of TSBs for the Escape. I'm just copying the ones below that I've read that relate to towing issues.

TSB 11-7-15 - (July 12, 2011) - re: 2009-2012 Escape (and others) - supersedes TSB 09-20-13 below to update model years. This goes into more detail about the dipstick and how to read, but basically information is the same. Mentions Remco auxiliary cooling pump, but "the use of an aftermarket product may void your ... warranty..."

TSB 09-20-13 (October 5, 2009) - re: 2009-2010 Escape (and others)
6F35 Transmission - Recreational Towing - Vehicle With All 4 Wheels on the Ground - Expanded Guidelines to Prevent Transmission Damage

Issue: "The transmission shift concern may be caused by heat build up in the transmission due to the transmission fluid level being too high, towing speeds above 65 mph and/or not stopping to run the engine at idle for 5 mnutes ever six hours or less, to cool the transmission"

Action: Transmission fluid adjustments (shows proper level on dipstick) repeats instructions from manual
Notes importance of checking readings at operating temperature per WSM Section 307-01

The above two are ones I'm currently aware of that relate to my 2009 Ford Escape. But I just found this neat website that lists all bulletins Ford Escapes here on The search results here are for Ford Escape, but they list for other makes/models as well.

I also hope that anyone experiencing these issues with towing the Ford Escape will share info on my blog with any comments, suggestions, etc.

RVers, let's stick together!



Malia's Miles Home Page

Forum Posts

Interesting reports from people
about their experiences towing
the Escape, getting conflicting
information from Ford dealers,
inserts sent by Ford to Manual
of 2012 Escapes stating it is
no longer flat towable despite
what the manual says, conflict-
ing and canned responses from
Ford Customer Relationship
Center where they basically
recite the manual and never
address the real questions or
even seem to be aware of the
subsequent bulletins.

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Hybrid Models :

2012 Ford Escape Towing
(FMCA - 5/19/12)
Although this post was started
from an Escape owner with the
6F35 transmission, others
report no problems with hybrid
since it has a completely
different, sealed transmission
(eCVT). However, Ford no
longer makes the hybrid.

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