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This is a totally cool motorhome belonging to Eric and Debra Nason in Washington State. Eric's comments are below.
It's a 1951 Federal - 5 ton truck. Now it has a Cat diesel engine and a 6 speed automatic transmission. It took about 3-1/2 years to build from truck restoration, building the camper part and installing a new engine and transmission.
There is an island sink for the kitchen as I did not want to hassle with a flexible drain for the sink.
Access to the bed is via a 4 step step ladder that attaches to the wall. In the back is a 32 by 32 inch shower, sink, storage and a separate room to the toilet, a requirement from my wife.
There is a 10 foot slide out on each side. The drivers side holds the frig, stove and a small seating area.
The passenger slide holds a large U shaped seating area. I just finished the table that wraps around the post in the passenger side. There is comfortable seating for about 6 or 7 in the two seating areas. The post you see in the pictures helps support the ceiling/roof of the slide out. They are just big sliding drawers with one side open.
Malia's Note: Now that's an RV that will stand out as unique in any campground - I love it! Thanks so much for sharing, Eric!
Do you have some strange or unique RV pictures you want to share? I'd love to see them! Send me a pic or link by email to
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