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Unique and Strange RVs - Page 2
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More fun and unique RVs to share...
A blogging buddy sent this to me from her July 8, 2006 blog entry - thanks a bunch, Joan! Her comments are below.
This guy passed us a couple of times on I-90 as we headed from Billings, MT to Rapid City, SD. We met him at the rest stop in Buffalo, WY. He and some helpers put together this rig in Florida. The car is a 1927 Model T Ford and the fifth wheel was built from scratch on two truck axles. There's a bathroom at the rear, bed up front, kitchen counters, dinette, TV and cabinets run the sides. It's all white and red inside. What a funky house!
My Graduating Class of 2005 buddies, Ken & Sandy, saw this "double decker" in Arizona. You can meet these fine folks through their blog, As the RV Travels.
The next three are some of my favorites from
You think this guy was extra-special concerned about his trailer weight? Methinks it's a good example of overkill, don't you?
Land cruiser on water with upper deck and hammock features.
This looks like a cross between a truck camper, boat and a toilet bowl to me.
Do you have some strange RV pictures you want to share? I'd love to see them! Send me a pic or link by email to
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