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I've seen some fun and creative ways of RVing in my travels and thought I'd share them here with you.
I really got a kick out of this Class C's idea of the perfect tow vehicle. I saw him on the road near Eureka, CA and kept wishing he'd pull off so I could get the scoop on this deal.
This wood shake house on wheels was really neat. I saw it in Alaska.
My friends Don & Sharon Smith sent these pics of another wooden motorhome.
What's really strange is this is the second time they saw it in two different states!
This came from my cyber-friend Lloyd Treichel's site, Wandrin-U.S. He saw this on the road in Arizona and said it seemed to be a cross between a vintage 1930 auto and a bus of an indeterminate origin.
Another contribution from Lloyd. He said this one looked like it hadn't been used recently, but I still thought it was pretty cool looking.
One of the first traveling homes - a true "Gypsy Wagon" - Carolyn Baird passed this on to Lloyd who passed it on to me - thanks y'all!
Do you have some strange or unique RV pictures you want to share? I'd love to see them! Send me a pic or link by email to
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